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Various Styles of Faucet Integration

Explore your options in integrated, mounted and deck-fastened faucets for the bathroom.
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Classic Faucet With a Twist

Moen has created a new twist on a classic faucet design. Reminiscent of the handles and spouts accompanying vintage claw-foot tubs, this wall-mounted feature is surprisingly updated in its look and feel with a brushed nickel finish.

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Regal Appeal

Cifial has designed a fastened faucet that adds texture and color for a more formal powder room. The separate hot and cold handles and the tall spout add a touch of formality and luxury to the space.

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Gold Finish Faucet

Kohler gives this modern faucet a formal design by finishing it in glistening gold. The single handle and spout are simple and sleek, creating a subtle utilitarian feel.

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Urban Chic

A contemporary wall-mounted faucet by Moen shines bright in a chrome finish. The spout extends over the sink basin while the two separate handles allow for custom hot and cold temperatures.

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