Courtyard With Modern Metal Gate

This modern entry courtyard by Project Groundwork welcomes visitors with a 300-pound metal gate that's set in a 5-foot concrete wall surrounding the space. Bluestone pavers and with crushed gravel form a sitting area for the outdoor wood furniture. In addition, a tall cedar fence provides an additional layer of privacy.

Photo By: Coreen Schmidt Photography

Photo By: Coreen Schmidt Photography

Photo By: Coreen Schmidt Photography

Photo By: Coreen Schmidt Photography

Photo By: Coreen Schmidt Photography

Photo By: Coreen Schmidt Photography

Modern Seattle Courtyard with Steel Gate

A self-latching steel gate creates an eye-catching entrance to this modern courtyard. The 300-pound gate spans the space between the 60-inch tall concrete wall. The gate, which was custom fabricated by Dennis Schleder, matches the modern rustic style of the planter box and courtyard within.

Metal Gate in Modern Courtyard

A custom-fabricated metal gate separates the front yard from the modern courtyard. The designer knew the gate had to be interesting enough to stand up to the 5-foot-tall concrete walls on either side, so they designed a self-latching gate. The gate, fabricated by Dennis Schleder, weighs 300 pounds.

Modern Seattle Courtyard with Metal Planter and Concrete Wall

A metal planter displays the house number just outside this modern courtyard. Drought-resistant plants fill the rustic container, which accents the contemporary concrete wall that separates the patio from the street.

Modern Courtyard with Stone Pavers, Seating and Cedar Fencing

Bluestone paving with pebble accents, crushed granite and cedar fencing work together to transform what was previously an RV parking space into a modern courtyard. The lines of the furniture mimic the lines of the cedar fencing.

Modern Seattle Courtyard with Bluestone Paving and String Lights

Trees shade a spacious and stylish courtyard accented by drought-tolerant plants and LED string lights. The hardscaping combines bluestone paving with pebble accents and crushed granite paving. Both existing trees were retained when the new garden was installed in December 2014.

Modern Seattle Courtyard with Outdoor Furniture

The homeowners, guests and pets can relax on outdoor furniture accented by throw pillows within the shady seclusion of a tall, wood privacy fence. The homeowner had a vision for transforming the space, which was already partially enclosed by a fence and concrete wall, into an outdoor courtyard for entertaining on warm summer evenings.

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