Pastoral Garden at Cedar Home

This pastoral garden by Nilsen Landscape Design, LLC, is filled with lavender, daisies, and other attractive plants which create a colorful contrast to the gray weathered cedar siding of the home.

Photo By: Rosemary Fletcher

Photo By: Rosemary Fletcher

Photo By: Rosemary Fletcher

Photo By: Rosemary Fletcher

Photo By: Rosemary Fletcher

Photo By: Rosemary Fletcher

Deck Framed by a Soft Planting Palette

The soft wood feel of this home is complemented by the vibrant garden bed adjacent to the deck. A white and purple floral palette balances the grey tones of the home's wood and stone features.

A Colorful Seaside Garden Frames a Cedar Shingled Home

The coastal, pastoral feel of this seaside garden is emphasized with the soft palette of purple and white plants. Lavender and daisies are combined to create a graceful garden against the grey tones of the weathered stone and wood.

Cedar-Shingled Home is Framed by Simple, Complementary Plantings

The landscape of this home with cedar shingle siding emphasizes a natural and pastoral feel through the use of stone and a simple planting palette. A neutral gravel driveway complements the grey tones of the home, while the vibrant green gardens provide a backdrop for the home to stand out from.

Linear Garden Walkway Leads to a Grey Shingled Home

Naturally textured elements like the grey, weathered shingles and the tumbled stone emphasize the pastoral feel of the property. The straight bluestone pavers provide a modern order to the entryway, but is softened by the purple, shaggy texture of the lavender.

Gravel Driveway With Contemporary Art and Simple Landscaping

A long gravel drive passes by a contemporary metal sculpture. The stark metal is contrasted against the peeling bark of a birch tree, which lends an element of height to the garden.

A Gravel Ribbon Driveway Framed by a Stone Wall

Reclaimed stones comprise a long and low stone wall that frames the gravel ribbon driveway leading to the home. A ribbon driveway is a classic feature of older homes and typically has a grass strip down the middle, with concrete or gravel strips guiding a car's tires.

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