Kitchen + Dining: Colorful Midcentury Kitchen

Designer Kenna Stout transformed this once confining galley-style kitchen into a vibrant, open-concept design. Where smooth subway tile and black cabinets keep the space modern, woven area rugs and brass hardware infuse it with warmth and color. 

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August 24, 2016
From: Kenna Stout

Photo By: Haris Kenjar

Photo By: Haris Kenjar

Photo By: Haris Kenjar

Photo By: Haris Kenjar

Photo By: Haris Kenjar

Photo By: Haris Kenjar

Photo By: Haris Kenjar

Photo By: Haris Kenjar

Photo By: Haris Kenjar

Photo By: Haris Kenjar

Photo By: Haris Kenjar

Small Kitchen Extended to Create Elegant Chef Kitchen

To help this couple make the best use of their space, Brio Interior Designs reworked the closed-in floor plan of this home into an open concept layout. Designers eliminated the walls separating the kitchen and eat-in dining space and the formal dining room, allowing for enough space to extend the kitchen. The new layout seamlessly connects the spaces in the home, giving it an expansive feel.

Updated Fixtures and Details Add Personality to Renovated Kitchen

The designers at Brio Interior Designs transformed a small, cluttered kitchen into a Midcentury masterpiece. Walls were demolished to create an open concept concept design throughout the house. Large bottom cabinets replaced the metal shelving the couple was using for storage, and their outdated appliances were replaced with state of the art stainless steel ones. Designers then added details that show off the couple's personality, such as the red patterned rug that adds a bit of flair, while modern light fixtures help the large windows over the countertop to provide light to the kitchen.

Details in Remodeled Kitchen Add Exotic Flair

The previous kitchen in the couple's home was small and closed in with very little countertop or cabinet space. Brio Interior Design's renovations, though, have replaced the outdated stock cabinets and formica countertops with modern, custom cabinets and an elegant butcher block countertop. One set of lower cabinets extends across the exterior wall, while another set was created across the open kitchen to provide plenty of storage and counter space. The lower cabinets are painted black in warm contrast with the white subway tile walls and white upper cabinets. Details such as the beautiful pink flower and brass fixtures bring an exotic feel to the space.

Modern Open Shelving in Renovated Kitchen

Brio Interior Designs hoped to update the couple's outdated kitchen, so they replaced the kitchen's previous metal shelving with elegant, open wood shelving. Designers added gold colored accent pieces to the countertop to accent the rich tones in the wood shelving, creating an elegant, modern look.

Open Concept Floor Plan Seamlessly Blends Kitchen and Dining Room Spaces

Before Brio Interior Designs renovated this couple's space, their home felt closed in. The rooms were small, and the house was dysfunctional and did not flow. However, the designers knocked down several walls, opening up the floor plan and adding functionality and flow. Thanks to the new open floor plan, the kitchen and dining room are seamlessly blended to give the space an elegant, appealing look.

Elegant Midcentury Modern Dining Room

This elegant, Midcentury Modern dining room flawlessly blends textures, patterns and materials to create a perfect execution of the Midcentury style. The clean lines of the modern table, buffet and chairs are softened by the velour fabric that covers the dining chairs, while the roughness of the wicker rope rug and planter adds texture to the space. These elements combine to give this space an elegant, Midcentury Modern look.

Details in Midcentury Modern Renovation Showcase Couple's Wanderlust

The devil is in the details in this newly redesigned living room. Designers at Brio Interior Designs wanted to showcase the couple's wanderlust in their home's update, so they included elements of the couple's travels in this Midcentury Modern renovation.

Charcoal Accent Wall in Midcentury Modern Living Room

Before Brio Interior Designs reengineered this space, the living room was cluttered and simple. Now, however, a charcoal accent wall gives the space dimension, while colorful, patterned accents add personality to the space. To alleviate the closed in feeling of the original home, designers opened up the wall between the living room, making the room feel large and open.

Exotic Details Complement Neutral Color Palette

These young homeowners love to travel, so designers used the couple's travel as the inspiration for the colors and details of their home. The bold golds and reds used to accent the otherwise neutral color palette nod to an Indian or a Moroccan style, while the details, such as the piece of coral and the amethyst geode photographed here bring the couple's love for global galavanting to focus in the design of their home.

Exciting Patterns and Textures Make Living Room Fresh

Designers chose a neutral color palette throughout the house that will reflect the abundance of natural light, connecting all the spaces in the home and giving them an airy, expansive feel. Then, designers added personality in each room with the colors, patterns and textures chosen for that space. In the living room, warm accents such as the coffee table, with it's metal base and marble tabletop, exciting patterns and global textures make this space fresh and inviting.

Colorful Throw Pillows Add Multi-Cultural Details

This young couple loves to travel, and their travel has shaped their world view. Brio Interior Design wanted to incorporate this world view into the Mid-Century design they added to this couple's first home by placing throw pillows that use different shapes, colors, textures and fabrics throughout the living space. This way, the couple can feel the influence of their travels, even in the details of their home.

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