View of House Exterior From Lake
Neutral Rustic Contemporary Living Room With Red Rug
Eclectic Living Room is Full of Light
Sleek, Midcentury Modern Kitchen
Eclectic Bedroom With Tan Sofa
Alaskan Inspired Blue Ombré Mountain Nursery
A Room with a Pool Table and Games Area is the Perfect Place to Entertain
Asian Front Entryway With Elaborate Door Frame, Cobblestone Walkway and Large, Distressed Vases
Glamorous, Feminine Nail Salon
Kitchen With Cherry Cabinets Before Beautiful Makeover
Bursts of Color in Chic, Black Living Room

View of House Exterior From Lake

Photo By: Chris Luker Photography

Set up on a small hill, the house commands great views of the lake. A bridge leads over to a private dock and boathouse. Designed by Bill Moore, Chris Reebals and Emory Ratliff