10 Ways to Sneak Storage Into Your Outdoor Spaces

If you love hanging out on your deck, chances are you have extra cushions, garden supplies and kids' toys scattered about. And it's hard to enjoy your peaceful outdoor space if it looks like CluttervilleUSA. (We get it.) Discover how you can sneak in some much-needed storage, so you can truly kick back and relax.

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Photo By: Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Rustic White Photography

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Photo By: Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Rustic White Photography

Line 'Em Up

Go for multiples to create the illusion of larger furniture pieces. Lining up these three potting benches not only creates a clever focal point, it offers plenty of work surface and extra shelving.

All-Purpose Caddy

Inexpensive cleaning caddies are just the right size for storing small items you may need in your outdoor space, or use it as a drink carrier. When you're done, simply wash the caddy with hot, soapy water and allow to dry.

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Ditch the Cooler

Colorful plastic tubs are just right for gardening, wrangling toys or filling with ice. When not in use, they stack and store with ease. We like to use multiples at parties to organize a variety of drinks for guests — one tub for waters and juice boxes and one tub with beer and soda.

Double-Duty Surfaces

If space is tight, a bar/fire-pit combo could be just the solution you need. When it's not being used as a fire pit, it's a functional flat surface that's just right for serving apps and drinks, prepping a cookout or relaxing with a coffee.

Behind the Bar

Most outdoor bars have cabinet storage or open shelving in the back, so take advantage of it. This is the perfect spot to keep barware, linens and outdoor dishware within easy reach. As you load up each shelf, always start with taller and infrequently-used items first. The gear you need daily will be front and center, while more seasonal items hang out in the back.

Vertical Storage

When space is at a premium, go vertical, whether it's stackable storage boxes (like these round, all-weather containers) or tall shelves along one wall. Just make sure the bottom containers store items you don't need to access every day.

Storage Camouflage

Rethink how you utilize large, outdoor storage boxes. They're often used to store items you don't need every day. Potted plants, candles and weather-resistant decor will boost their functionality and enhance the look of your space. We also love that they can serve as extra seating when your small gathering turns into a full-blown block party.

Dresser Redo

Repurpose an old dresser or console into the ultimate indoor/outdoor entertainment center. The dimensions are just right for anchoring a long wall, plus the storage is a bonus. The drawers and closed cabinets are ideal for keeping board games, DVDs, blankets and seasonal decor out of sight.

Behind the Scenes

Tucking your TV behind artwork is a surprisingly easy DIY project that'll help keep your electronics from being the focal point of the room. This project works best using two pieces of art butted next to one another. With inexpensive trim, build a rectangular box in the same dimensions as your artwork. The frame will hang directly against the wall and help accommodate the depth of the wall-mounted TV. Next, attach hinges to the outside edges of the rectangular frame then to the back edge of the artwork. With the art securely fastened to the frame, hang and fasten the entire piece over the TV. When it's time for movie night or the big game, the two art pieces swing open to reveal your flat screen.

Pop the Top

Consider adding a lidded end table or ottoman into the mix. These are great for storing larger items, like floor cushions and bulky blankets, you may not need all the time. They're out of sight, which makes the space feel less cluttered. Plus, your items are protected from dust and moisture.

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