Personalize Your Outdoor Spaces With Garden Art

Whether they're antique finds or the result of your creative skills, decorative pieces brighten the garden in every season.

Color in Every Season

Winter is no deterrent to color in HGTV fan lark's garden. She created this beautiful sculpture, called "Forget Me Not," out of found materials.

Garden Prints That Last

This colorful painted "rug" brightens the concrete floor in front of a potting bench. Posted by HGTV fan kpmitch

Hand-Painted Handiwork

A wrought-iron piece, painted to match the potting area, decorates a nearby fence. Posted by HGTV fan kpmitch

Container Color

HGTV fan kpmitch painted the band around the top of this pot to echo a fountain at the other end of a pathway. If you live in areas of frost, be sure to bring pottery and terra-cotta pots indoors for the winter.

Framed Sculpture

HGTV fan kpmitch bronzed this sculpture and framed it with a surround she found in an antique shop.

Matching the Garden

HGTV fan lark also created another sparkle that complements the color palette in her fall garden.

Zen-Like Sculpture

On the way to a bocce court in this backyard, designed by Jeff Allen, visitors find a simple mossy sphere.

Contributing to the Theme

A patch of santolina and other drought-tolerant plants is accentuated by an armadillo in this Southwestern-style garden.

The Focus is Underfoot

Every other steppingstone on HGTV fan kpmitch's garden path carries a beautiful design.

Welcome Color

In the winter, HGTV fan Lorie Dee moves her art pieces where they can be easily seen from indoors.

Totems for the Garden

These beautiful pieces mimic the shape of her windows, says HGTV fan Lorie Dee, who calls them "totems."

Eye-Catching Container Garden

HGTV fan KatG created a beautiful vignette with a wrought-iron backdrop and a container garden filled with 'Diamond Frost' euphorbia and blood leaf (Iresine).

Art That Inspired a Makeover

Buying a tiki-carved palm (seen here to the left and behind the bar) started a backyard redo, says HGTV fan ambugnu. Now there's a comfortable fire pit area, pond and tiki bar.

"Waterfront" Seating

Palm trees and ocean waves were supplied by a wall mural in this patio scene posted by HGTV fan AKD.

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