Terra Cotta Pot Christmas Tree How-To

Reimagine your pots with this whimsical holiday decoration.

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Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Fun and Simple Holiday Decor

A stack of pots, rope, and some ornaments make up this charming holiday decoration. 

Gathering the Materials

You will need: 6-8 terra cotta pots in graduated sizes / a cake stand / medium gauge wire / sisal rope or heavy twine (at least 3 yards) / small ornaments (2-3 dozen) / wire cutters / scissors / string or ribbon to attach ornaments (optional).

Stacking the Pots

Turn pots over and arrange largest to smallest. Place the first pot upside down on the cake stand and cut two lengths of wire that extend from the rim of the pot, over the base of the pot, and to the rim on the opposite side. Twist these two wires together at the center, forming an ‘X’. Drape the ‘X’ over the base of the pot with the center lined up with the hole in the base. Place the next sized pot over the wires. Repeat the process for all of the remaining pots except for the top one.

Attaching the Twine

Use the wires to attach the twine to the pots by twisting it around the twine. If you don’t mind a little of the wire showing twist one pass of wire over the front of the twine to pinch it together. Add a drape of twine between each loop. Trim away any excess wire with the wire cutters.

Adding the Ornaments

Add the ornaments with decorative string, ribbon, or wire as desired to the lowest part of the drape in the twine.

Finishing the Rope

Poke the end of the rope into the hole in the top pot to finish the look.

Simple Holiday Charm

This charming holiday tree is super simple, but is sure to wow your guests.

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