Make Your Own Rustic Dessert Serving Trays

These DIY wood and gilded serving trays are the perfect way to display appetizers, cookies or pies on your sideboard.

Rustic Refined Serving Trays You Can Make Yourself!

A fun way to bring the outdoors in for the holidays, these rustic refined wood serving trays have just the right amount of bling to make them a perfect addition to your holiday dinners! Stacked or standing side by side, your desserts will take center stage when displayed on these DIY stands.  Finish them off with a favorite quote or saying to make them truly personal and unique!

Supply List for Wooden Serving Trays

You will need: Wood rounds (can be purchased at hobby and craft stores or use rounds cut from stumps) / wood craft feet and rounds (purchased from hobby and craft stores) / wood glue / gilding liquid and paint brush / wood burning tool and letter stamps (optional for lettering)

Create Bases for Trays

You can anchor your wooden trays with either feet or a larger base. To create the bases for trays glue four wooden circles together.  Glue the two smaller surface sides back to back, to create two sets.  Stack the two sets together, gluing the larger surface sides to each other. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Gilding Tray Base and Feet

Once the glue on your tray base has dried completely, gild the feet and bases for your trays using gilding liquid and an angled brush. Be sure to shake your gilding liquid well before using.  Apply two or more coats for desired look. Allow to dry.

Attaching Feet or Base

Using wood glue, place and attach either your feet or your base to a wooden round.  Be sure to place the feet or base where they will offer the best support to your trays.  Allow glue to dry thoroughly.

Creating Lettering

For a fun additional element to your trays, use a wood burning tool and wood burning letter stamps to create seasonal sayings and quotes. Follow the directions carefully for using your wood burning tool as they are very hot! For quick clean up and to use time and time again, finish off your trays with a quick coating of a food grade water-based acrylic wood sealer or tung oil.

Serve Your Holiday Desserts in Style!

These wooden dessert trays can take a place of honor on the buffet or at the center of your table. Stack them for a fun layered look with smaller desserts on the bottom and pies or cakes on top!

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