Easter Candy Topiary Craft

Create these sweet candy topiaries with your favorite Easter sweets for lovely, edible spring centerpieces. 

Candy Topiaries

This Easter turn your favorite candies into cute topiaries. With just a few simple Styrofoam shapes and some homemade icing you can make these charming, edible centerpieces.


To create your topiaries you will need some base forms to attach your candy to. Try one large styrofoam ball, or a series of smaller ones that can be displayed together. Styrofoam cones also work well. You'll need skewers or sticks to use as trunks for your candy trees and of course candy! Any kind will work, but pastel colors look especially appropriate for Easter. If you want your candy to be edible later you will need powdered sugar and egg whites for icing. If you aren't worried about eating it you can just grab the hot glue gun!

Add the Trunks

You'll want to place the sticks or skewers into your foam forms before you start gluing. Make sure that your sticks are strong enough to hold the finished ball when it is covered in candy— it will be much heavier! Place a drop of glue on the end of the stick and push it deep into the Styrofoam.

Add the Candy

If you're going to use icing begin by beating 2 egg whites (or substitute with meringue powder) until fluffy. Gradually beat in 3-4 cups of powdered sugar until the icing is thick enough to hold its shape. Cover or use immediately by spreading icing onto candies and placing them on your form. If you find that the candy is slipping add more powdered sugar or hold it in place for a few seconds to allow the icing to dry.

Continue Adding Candy

Continue gluing candies until the entire form is covered. Place the candy as close together as possible to keep the styrofoam from showing through.

Plant your Topiary

Once the icing or glue is dry, place the stem of your topiary in a cute bucket or planter. Use dirt or pebbles to pack the pot tightly and secure the stem in place. For larger or heavier topiaries try using a handful of skewers and weaving a ribbon in between them. This will give your topiary added stability and add a lovely finishing touch.


Display your finished topiary with fresh picked flowers for an extra splash of Spring. If you're only making one topiary, try arranging it with a few other objects or plants for the perfect centerpiece.

Small Topiary Groupings

If you can find smaller styrofoam forms, try creating a grouping of small candy flowers or trees. Use a different kind of candy or different colors for each one to create variety.

Cone Topiary

Cones make wonderful topiaries by themselves or as part of an arrangement with round topiaries. You can simply set the cone on top of the pot, but it adds a nice detail if you give it a small trunk so that it floats just above the planter.

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