Design a Party-Perfect Backyard

Kick off summer with an outdoor celebration. Follow our six tips for creating an inviting backyard perfect for a seasonal gathering.

Find a Theme

Make it easy by working with the decor you already have. Grape leaves, wine and a rustic chandelier? Create a Tuscan villa right in your backyard, like RMSer mindsculptor1. Paper lanterns and your stash of takeout chopsticks? Asian soiree. Deep blue napkins and your kid's shell collection from your last vacation? Tropical island getaway.

Set the Scene

Details like flowers on the table, lights in the trees and smartly placed trays for drinks and appetizers elevate a simple gathering to a party your guests won't forget. Billowing drapes hung out the back door as guests enter the backyard create an impressive entrance. Design by David Bromstad.

Bring the Indoors Out

An outdoor party doesn't equal paper plates. Bring favorite plates and bowls outside to the give the space a sense of elegance. Afraid of breaking your favorite dishes? Invest in a set of white melamine dishes; they won't break, but will still give you the chic setting you desire. Design by John Gidding.

Fire It Up

Even in the middle of summer, nights can be chilly. Make sure you have everything needed to get the fire pit going: wood, matches and of course, marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers for s'mores. Design by David Bromstad.

Boost the Comfort Level

Add colorful pillows on everything: benches, chairs and even grab some oversized ones for the floor. Design by John Gidding.

Create Conversational Areas

Pull all your chairs into smaller groupings perfect for intimate conversations. Be sure to include a few tables for setting done drinks and food. Design by RMSer TABCAD.

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