Tour an Atlanta Condo With a Miami Vibe

Designer Carter Kay of Carter Kay Interiors and her team updated an Atlanta condo stuck in the '80s by giving it an airy makeover worthy of Miami. Take a tour.

June 24, 2020

Photo By: Emily Followill

Photo By: Emily Followill

Photo By: Emily Followill

Photo By: Emily Followill

Photo By: Emily Followill

Photo By: Emily Followill

Photo By: Emily Followill

Photo By: Emily Followill

Photo By: Emily Followill

Photo By: Emily Followill

Photo By: Emily Followill

Photo By: Emily Followill

Photo By: Emily Followill

Photo By: Emily Followill

Photo By: Emily Followill

Photo By: Emily Followill

Photo By: Emily Followill

Atlanta Meets Miami in This Bright Condo

The owners of this two-bedroom, two-bath home in Atlanta's desirable Park Place Condominiums actually spend most of their time in Idaho. But for proximity to their children and grandchildren in Atlanta, this 2,403-square-foot unit serves as a second home. Since the condo building dates to the '80s, the unit needed some major updates. Enter designer Carter Kay. The owners wanted to keep it light, both in color and feel, as though the condo could be in Miami. Kay and her team freshened it up and created new spaces so it would no longer channel the "Park Place of yesteryear."

Double Duty

The foyer presented one of the condo's biggest design challenges. "The foyer is an odd shape and designed so that you looked right into the kitchen when you first entered the unit," says Kay. So she and her team relocated the kitchen entrance to the back, closer to the dining area. "This gave us a more inviting foyer and a wonderfully spacious kitchen pantry," Kay says.

Kay's team also created an enclosed hallway with arched doorways at each end. This space doubles as an art gallery for the owners' collection, with room to grow. Another thoughtful aspect of the foyer redesign hid the utility closet door, so the focus remains on the art.

From Dark to Light

Kay wallpapered the low entrance ceiling in the foyer to match the walls. She likes how the final result contrasts with the taller rooms just beyond, which are flooded with natural light. Kay points out the dramatic effect of shifting from dark to light, and how the interplay emphasizes textures and shapes.

Focusing on the View

"Texture and scale are vitally important in an open floor plan," says Kay. She kept the focal point on the living room view with low, neutral furniture.

Let the Sun Shine In

Kay placed rattan chairs in front of the glass doors, so as not to block any of the living room's natural light.

Come Together

In this section of the living room, Kay hung a large-scale artwork over the couch in order to unify asymmetrically arranged furniture.

Lighten Up

In the dining room, a glass top table adds visual interest while maintaining the owners' preference for light spaces.

Room for Two

The home's dining area easily flows into the white galley kitchen. Kay says that the small kitchen is still big enough for the couple to cook together, making it one of the owners' favorite aspects of the redesign. "The newly built-in banquette is right there too, and allows guests to be a part of the action as well," Kay adds.

Kay also advises choosing neutral shades or the same color family for exposed plates and glassware. For texture, she recommends adding personal touches like cookbooks, platters, trays or art.

Bar None

"I always love a hidden jewel of a bar tucked into a corner," says Kay about this kitchen corner, adding how open shelving keeps it accessible.

"Notice we only trimmed the pocket door and added shoe molding at the floor ... the lower boards act as base molding for a cleaner look." Not only that, but you'd never guess that she and her team concealed mechanical equipment behind one of the doors.

Cozy Corner

Though the kitchen area is small, Kay managed to squeeze in this breakfast nook. "Take advantage of awkward corners and create seating," she advises.

Warm Yet Cool

"In a glass-and-light-filled room, texture is a very important element in bringing warmth to this bedroom," says Kay of the master. Since there's so much light, "these draperies can be pulled to either end of the bedroom for tremendous light and view control."


"Scale, texture and color are the story here," says Kay of the master bedroom's bed and nightstand, pointing out how balancing patterns, rough and smooth textures and repeating punches of color creates a cohesive space. An antique table completes the look.

On Repeat

"Add interest by subtly repeating one color in different strengths and textures," Kay recommends, as she did here in the condo's second bedroom.

Create Drama

"Brighten a neutral room with opposing colors for more drama," says Kay, as in this inviting corner of the second bedroom with a teal floor lamp and mustard yellow pillow.

Simple Statement

"Create 'moments' at the end of halls," says Kay, exemplified by this chair and artwork from the owners' collection. She added the matching cushion from Holland and Sherry.

Subtle Moments

Though subtle, the guest bathroom's gray patterned wallpaper and floor tile create a pleasing contrast. "Play shapes against one another for interest: round, rectangle, random, diamond," says Kay, "and use different shades of the same color for continuity."

Secret Storage

Even more subtle? The fact that this bathroom doubles as a laundry room, with the washer and dryer easily tucked away behind cabinet doors. Like the rest of the condo, Kay maximized the unit's square footage to make it appear even larger, thanks to clever storage. And by emphasizing the natural light throughout, this sunny condo would indeed feel right at home in Miami.

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