These Amazing Kentucky Treehouses Are Full of Design Inspiration

Take a tour of an incredible Red River Gorge treehouse village to inspire your own boho cool design at home and your vacation-level backyardscape.

September 01, 2020

Photo By: Katelin Reeser

Photo By: Katelin Reeser

Photo By: Katelin Reeser

Photo By: Katelin Reeser

Photo By: Katelin Reeser

Photo By: Katelin Reeser

Photo By: Taylor W. Brown

Photo By: Tina Brouwer

Photo By: Tina Brouwer

Photo By: Tina Brouwer

Photo By: Katelin Reeser

Dome Town Sleeping Pod

The talented team at Red River Gorge and Canopy Crew treehouse builders have created a village of seven treehouses in Campton, Kentucky, each with its own sensibility and style. You can choose a "backcountry" (read: "rustic") treehouse, or try glamping in a treehouse with Wi-Fi, hot showers and even hot tubs. The Puma Dome treehouse, shown here, in the treehouse village Dome Town is an Anthropologie dream come to life, featuring a queen-size bed with ample room to stretch out. Styled after pioneering architect Buckminster Fuller's classic geodesic dome design, the Puma Dome treehouse has a euphoric-bohemian vibe that becomes truly dreamlike at night, when strategically placed rope lights guide guests around the tree canopy.

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Welcome to Dome Town

Dome Town features three geodesic dome treehouses suspended in the sky that put a new twist on glamping. Dome Town spaces don't have dedicated bathrooms, but feature access to what Red River Gorge calls "Water Dome," another geodesic dome with two bathrooms and a communal chill out space.

Sleeping Soundly Among the Trees

The view from the Puma Dome's queen-size bed is spectacular and features on-trend hanging chairs to further enhance your feeling of floating in the treeline. The minimalist but thoughtful design allows nature to take center stage.

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Space to Stretch Out

Each dome features a wooden deck that offers another magical way to access the outdoors.

A Kitchen in the Sky

The ultimate in open plan design, this kitchen and living combo demonstrates you can live large even in a small space. The Puma Dome features a portable stove, water tank and refrigerator in a custom-made kitchen area.

The Dome Town Long View

In total, Dome Town houses three sleeping domes and two full bathrooms. Two of the three sleeping domes even feature eco-friendly heating and air conditioning.

The Lay of the Land

Canopy Crew owner Django Kroner traveled the world to learn treehouse building techniques from some of the most innovative designers on the planet. That global experience and connection to nature comes through in the design features Kroner has built into spaces like these Looking Glass mirrored treehouses which continually open up the barrier between inside and outside, a growing trend in home design in general.

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Through the Looking Glass

This nightime view of the Looking Glass treehouses shows the unique design and magical quality of these homes in the treetops.

Luxury in the Leaves

For a little more luxury, the Tradewinds Treehouse offers a no-compromises treetop experience that's perfect for those who want some of the comforts of home. These two conjoined amenities-rich treehouses feature electricity, running water, heat, a bathhouse, a hot tub and — a feature to think about adding to your own home maybe — a slide.

Room to Roam

Those wary of heights can feel a little more secure at Tradewinds, where relatively wide bridges connecting the two treehouses offer stability and security.

Minimalist Meal Prep

The kitchen at Tradewinds offers slightly more space than the one at Puma Dome. Visitors are able to make use of a compact but complete kitchen area with plenty of natural lighting beaming in from the woods.

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Just Like Camp

A great way to maximize space in a kids' room and give children a sense that they are in their own mini-treehouse anywhere: bunk beds! The Tradewinds features bunk beds for visiting children, along with a separate sleeping space for adults with a queen-size bed.

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Sliding Into Nature

Most fun and quick way to merge the outdoors with the inside: a slide straight from your home!

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Giant Hammock

While we can't all enjoy a hammock as enormous as the one at Dome Town, adding that simple feature to a backyard can get you to a vacation-level sense of peace and wellness in an instant.

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