10 Must-Try Dorm Room Storage and Decor Hacks

Looking for clever decorating ideas that double as storage? We've got you covered. Check out our favorite budget-friendly solutions for a stylish and efficient dorm space.

Photo By: Gillian Lawlee

Photo By: Gillian Lawlee

Photo By: Erica Reitman

Photo By: Gillian Lawlee

Photo By: Gillian Lawlee

Photo By: Erica Reitman

Photo By: Erica Reitman

Photo By: Gillian Lawlee

Photo By: Gillian Lawlee

Photo By: Gillian Lawlee

Hang a Rug on Your Wall as Art

Large pieces of art can be super pricey. Hang a graphic, colorful small rug on the wall instead. Choose a lighter rug (flat weave rugs work best), and hang with removable, sticky, hanging strips that won't do any damage to your walls.

Use Magazine Files for Your Notebooks

Gather all your notebooks and books, and store in stylish magazine files. Choose mesh or clear files, so you can easily keep track of all of your stuff. Store the magazine files on your desk or on a nearby bookshelf so they are always close by.

Use a Wine Rack for Water Bottles

If you don't have kitchen space in your dorm room, you can store bottled drinks on a small wine rack to keep them handy. Keep the rack on your desk or next to your bed, so you can easily grab a bottle before you run out to your classes for the day.

Get Creative With Reminders

Sitcky notes are great — right up until the point there are so many of them on your bulletin board it creates a cluttered look. Get creative with your memos, and make sure they're always front and center with colorful plastic cocktail forks. Stick the forks in a small plant on your desk, so your most important memos are top of mind.

Hair Tie Storage Reinvented

If your hair ties and accessories always seem to be in a messy pile, it's time to get organized. Use a magnetic paper clip holder to store all of your bobby pins, and store hair ties on binder clips.

Wrangle Your Shoes in a Tray

Shoes take up a lot of space in a closet, but that's often the only spot we put them. Store extra pairs in a chic tray instead. Put the trays under your bed or under your desk. This way, your shoes are neatly tucked out of the way yet still visible.

Sew a Pocket Into Your Blanket

A great way to add extra storage is by sewing a pocket onto your blankets or sheets. Store remote controls, pens or other small items inside the pocket for easy access.

Use Fanny Packs for Storage

Fanny packs are making a comeback in the fashion world, and you can also use them as storage in your dorm room. Attach inexpensive fanny packs to the back of your desk chair, and use them to store essentials like pens, pads, sticky notes and other supplies.

Switch Out Ugly Bottles in Your Bathroom

If you want to amp up the style factor in your dorm room bathroom, consider switching out plastic bottles for pretty glass ones. You can also save space by switching out small bulky bottles with taller, slimmer ones.

Your Shower Rod = Extra Storage

Use your shower rod as additional storage in your dorm bathroom. Plastic jewelry or shoe storage containers work great for easy-to-grab toiletries. Hang a small tote bag on the outside of the shower, and fill it with bathroom essentials.

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