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How to Achieve the TikTok Cluttercore Aesthetic

Tired of minimalism? Then get onboard with cluttercore, founded on excess and lots and lots of stuff. We rounded up some of our favorite cluttercore-adjacent homes across the country to show this beloved decor style in action.

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Photo: Sarah Rothenfluch

Cluttercore Is the New Minimalism

A trend you can find all over TikTok and the internet, cluttercore is the answer to all of the minimalist, Scandi-influenced, decluttering, Marie Kondo styles we've seen in the past five years.

At its heart are personality, heart, coziness and the collections, obsessions and styles that define a home's occupants. Love travel? Then you need to prominently display the 40+ snow globes you've collected over a lifetime of wanderlusting. Crazy for cats? Then don't shy away from featuring a theme park-worthy cat climbing gym in the center of your living room. Because, as the cluttercore thinking goes, if you love it and it brings you happiness, then you need to feature it in your home.

Northwest of Portland in the town of Clatskanie, cluttercore devotee Shannon Buchanan lives in what was once the local school. From the 50-year-old Cadillac hearse out front to the unusually themed rooms inside, it now emphasizes a very specific lesson: At Shannon’s house, you should expect the unexpected.

Read on to experience more homes where cluttercore means more is always more.

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Photo: Tomas Espinoza

Color Therapy Means Happiness Via Art

Cluttercore means not shying away from color and making sure your home expresses what you best love in life, whether that means artwork, lovely bibelots or vintage furniture, or, in the case of Charleston, South Carolina-based jewelry designer Janet Gregg, all of the above.

Janet's beautiful home perfectly encapsulates her personal style: bold, colorful and globe-trotting meets preppy. Her living room features an array of colorful artwork, much of it purchased on trips abroad.

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Photo: Tomas Espinoza

A Well-Collected Tablescape

Janet Gregg is a master of the well-crafted tablescape, as with this chic desk ornamented with glass and china bibelots and more of her striking art collection.

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Photo: Thanin Viriyaki Photography

A Giraffe-Themed Living Room

Nothing says "cluttercore" like an idiosyncratic collection, and for this Austin, Texas, homeowner, that obsession is giraffes so much so that owner Autumn's home is now referred to as the Giraffe House.

Fashion insiders have long maintained that animal prints are the new neutrals, but there’s nothing neutral about this labor of love containing at least 600 of the long-necked creatures. Autumn was a zoo volunteer in middle school, and she’s now a zoo aficionado: She’s met every giraffe in her home state of Texas. Her collection includes giraffe figurines, giraffe housewares and even giraffe-adorned clothing.

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