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13 Wellness Trends Popping Up in Home Design

Find out how the aesthetic and design philosophies of other cultures from Sweden to Japan are making their way into our living rooms and bedrooms.

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Photo: Brett Hilton. From: Living Gardens Landscape Design.

The Value of Wellness in Home Design

Our homes represent many things to us: security, comfort, solitude or a social space. More and more interior designers, architects and homeowners are seeing the connection between creating an ideal space and the effect that has on our happiness. Around the world other cultures from Japan to Sweden have already discovered the mind-body-design connection. Find out how you can bring more wellness to your own space.

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Photo: Tessa Neudstadt


The Japanese concept of wabi-sabi celebrates the imperfect beauty of nature, with all of its flaws and blemishes and its natural cycle of birth and death. So instead of expending fretful mental energy trying to make your home perfect from top to bottom why not find the beauty in a lack of symmetry and odd numbers, in unique materials, handmade pottery, worn and aged items and nature?

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This Danish lifestyle trend celebrates values of home, hearth and family and the coziness and togetherness that bring us comfort and joy. How to achieve hygge? It's relatively easy: add candles to your home, spend time cuddled up with family, invite friends for dinner and get rid of distracting clutter. The surge in Scandi design and features like faux and real animal furs draped on chairs or couches is a definite hygge-influenced design trend. The Danes are considered the happiest people on the planet, so it's definitely worth taking a page from their hygge playbook. Click here to find out about more ways to bring hygge into your life.

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Photo: Julia Robinson/Getty Images. From: Fixer Upper.


This Welsh term translates to cuddle and you can see evidence of cwtch in the trend for sprawling comfy couches, throws, pillows and fireplaces which enhance the kind of cozy, cuddly vibe that gives us a sense of well-being. Read about more ways to bring cwtch into your home design scheme.

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