Trendspotting: Heirloom

Rich fabrics, patinaed metals and old-world luxury define this Heirloom trend centered on a mix of old and new.

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July 30, 2017
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Photo By: Photos courtesy The Beekman Hotel

Photo By: Photos courtesy The Beekman Hotel

Photo By: Photos courtesy The Beekman Hotel

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Photo By: Photos courtesy The Beekman Hotel

Harvest Hues

Heirloom takes its cue from the rich, complex colors of food and of the harvest.

Peacock Blue

Rich but timeworn tones like this peacock blue, luxurious, classic fabrics and imperfect finishes are signatures of the Heirloom trend.

Aged to Perfection

Oxidized pewter plates hung on the wall with picture hooks look like they've been passed down through the ages. Incorporating heirloom objects and vintage collectibles into your design scheme is a great expression of the Heirloom trend.

Imperfect Surfaces

Patchwork repair, patina, surface abrasion and rust and oxidation define the Heirloom trend. This distressed antique mirror and the tableaux of old books and burnished decorative accessories continue this idea.

Mix of Heirloom and New

Idiosyncratic collectibles like these quirky thrift store artworks hung in an eclectic salon style mixed with heritage pieces show the creative mix that defines Heirloom.

Blueberry Merlot Sorbet

Heirloom is deeply inspired by the rich color palette of food like this merlot sorbet garnished with blueberries.

Patina Rules the Roost

Tarnished brass objects form a witty, substantial vignette when arranged on a bookshelf in this instructive lesson in grouping collections.

Classic Tablescape

A blend of vintage porcelain, a mix of materials and rich gold tones define this elegant tablescape.

Substantial Gray

This rich gray adds substance and depth to a Heirloom design scheme.

Vintage Scarf as Contemporary Wall Art

Expand your definition of what constitutes "art." A vintage scarf beautifully framed, makes a great focal point and is a wonderful way to incorporate a meaningful heritage item into an Heirloom design scheme.

Peony Pink

The color of heritage flowers, of classic roses and peonies informs this soft Heirloom pink.

Highlight Collections

If you've got a collection of objects that don't fit on your bookshelves, consider displaying them front and center on your coffee table. Here, an assortment of brass objects adds luster and graphic shape to the seating area while also allowing the homeowner to showcase one-of-a-kind finds. Beloved, passed down objects are part of the Heirloom look, even if you sourced them at the flea market.

Brass Accents

Luxurious materials like brass, copper, silver and pewter are part of the Heirloom emphasis on quality.

Rich Berries

Don't have your grandmother's set of china passed down through the generations? Make do with an assortment of plates and glasses purchased new and picked up at antique sales, as long as they’re in the same color palette. Play up the color palette in flowers and fruit.

Crystal and Mercury Glass

The reflective properties and classic look of crystal and mercury glass add a sense of drama and romance to the home. One extraordinary vintage light fixture or oversized antique mirror are instant ways to add a sense of drama and heritage to a room.

Flower Power

Oversized, gothic botanicals on moody backgrounds add drama to a room and a different, fresher dimension than the usual florals.

Delicate Pink

A softer shade of pink can help balance Heirloom's richer tones.

Mix of Old and New

A contemporary, unframed artwork belnds beautifully with a vintage console and a curated assortment of objects in this brilliant mix of the new and the old.

The Key to Heirloom Style

Patinaed with use, care, and age, these types of brass fixtures are the kind of architectural detail that will lend authentic detail and character to any home.

Heavy Metal

Details count in Heirloom. The bronze nail heads seen on this leather and dark wood console brings a sense of craftsmanship and grandeur to this piece of furniture.

Make an Effort

Beautiful place settings, tapestries, Oriental rugs, bone china and sterling silver lend gravity to your surroundings.

Ornate Chandelier

Balance is key in the Heirloom trend: ornate objects like this gorgeous heirloom chandelier often work best when they are complemented by plain white walls and when ornamentation is carefully orchestrated so as not to overwhelm.

Forest Green

With its allusions to hunter's green, this classic shade brings a sense of history to any room.

Jewel Tones

The rich, lacquered green walls and ceiling paint add real drama to this dining room.

Caramel Color

A velvety, caramel brown could provide a rich backdrop to a Heirloom room.

Luxurious Private Spaces

The definition of luxury is enjoying it for yourself. This wonderfully appointed bedroom with its stunning blend of ruby and gold defines the Heirloom emphasis on rich patterns and jewel tones.

Ruby Red

When used strategically, a rich ruby can add impact to a room.

Play of Pattern

Hanging romantic light fixtures over the sleek gray nightstands maximizes the surface space for a mirrored tray. The feminine bedroom mixes floral wallpaper with a tufted velvet headboard and pretty metallic fabrics. Both reflected light and the depth of red velvet give substance and style to this Heirloom bedroom.

New Neutrals

The right, subtle gray works as a beautiful neutral in an Heirloom room.  Whether it's used as a wall or ceiling color or used on a more contemporary sofa to complement the elaborate moldings and ornate architecture of an older home, gray can be a lovely backdrop.

Dark Botanicals

Images of flowers and fauna with a dark, moody edge are a characteristic mark of Heirloom style.

Commanding Brown

Worn leather and burnished shades of brown are a distinct part of Heirloom style.

Historic Style

Rich, timeless details are the essence of Heirloom style and on display at the historic New York City hotel The Beekman where luxurious finishes of moiré, damask, florals and crushed velvet, marble and crystal exemplify the Heirloom look.

Moss Green

A nod to nature's color palette of vineyards and forests informs the Heirloom look.

Classic Style With Contemporary Touches

Heirloom style means beautiful old world finishes like marble, subway tile, and brass fittings, but defined by contemporary tastes for spa-like finishes and amenities like this soaking tub.

Comfort Amidst Style

Modern art sets the tone and makes a bold statement in this Heirloom living room defined by a classic foundation like a gray Chesterfield sofa paired with traditional moldings. Graphic-patterned pillows and gold accents infuse the space with youthful vibrancy.

Traditional Touches

White subway tile gives a timeless quality to this high-end bath.

Contemporary Art

One way to bring a fresh attitude to a traditional space? Contemporary art or photography.

Streamlined Classics

Old world elements like this chinoiserie lamp and marble table, are beautiful illustrations of the Heirloom mix of old and new.

Color + Custom

In many ways a tradtional room with a vintage chandelier, historic moldings and fixtures and restrained, elegant furnishings, this room's use of fresh, punchy color demonstrates how Heirloom can also marry the new and the old.

Blend of Styles

A dresser with classic lines gets a new lease on life with a rich, lacquered paint job and oversized brass numbers in the sort of mix of tradition-infused details with cheeky new flourishes that keeps Heirloom fresh.

Regal Purple

This rich shade of purple evokes royalty and embodies the heritage of Heirloom.

Love of History

A front desk draped with vintage Oriental rugs and a floor ornamented with lovingly restored original tile gives an Heirloom look to Manhattan's Beekman hotel.

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