Top Design Trends for Home and Apartment Renters

You may not be able to make permanent changes, but that doesn't mean you can't completely infuse your rental with style.

Photo By: Invitation Homes

Photo By: Invitation Homes

Photo By: Invitation Homes

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Photo By: Invitation Homes

It's All Yours

Whether you're signing a short-term lease or making your rental a long-term abode, it's always possible to create a home that's custom to you and yours. "A home's design and personality should reflect the lives lived within it," says Emily Henderson, interior designer and author of STYLED.

Hang It Up

Don't be afraid to hang pictures and art on the walls of your rental—holes can easily be patched over! However, if you're weary of extra work when you move out, temporary picture hanging strips work just as well.

"The gallery wall is still having a moment, when done in a unique way," explains Emily. "Display your favorite photos, prints and unique items like personal mementos to give them the eye-catching showcase they deserve."

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Mix and Match

If your lease doesn't allow you to paint the walls—or if it feels like a lot of effort for a temporary space—you can still embrace color and pattern through accessories. Pair rugs, textiles and furnishings to create a dynamic space that will feel like home no matter how long you live there.

Pro tip: "Choose colors that are on the opposite sides of the color wheel to ensure they balance each other," says Emily.

Break Out the Wallpaper

While a fresh coat of paint can completely transform your rental, a wallpaper always makes a can't-miss statement. And don't worry, it can be temporary!

"Removable wallpaper is one of the most transformative things you can do to your space," explains Brittany Hayes of Addison's Wonderland. "Since it isn't permanent, it provides the opportunity to try a bold look with patterns, prints and colors."

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Smart Storage

Erin Marshall of Live Pretty on a Penny says, "Being organized is key when you live a leasing-lifestyle. Turn to space-saving and unconventional items that are beautiful and functional to effectively store and organize items."

The room above combines narrow shelves with picture shelves, situated around a bench for ample toy and book space.

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Take It Outside

"Maximize your living space by creating usable outdoor rooms," says Rhoda Vickers of the Southern Hospitality blog. "With the right combination of outdoor seating, pillows, shade and colorful planters, you can turn any patio into an outdoor oasis."

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Reimagine Your Lighting

Good lighting completely changes the aesthetic of a space, and can make a rental feel nice and homey.

Kevin O’Gara, founder of Thou Swell, suggests incorporating LED lighting or smart home light bulbs throughout a rental because they up the ambience. "Every room should have a mix of lighting, including overhead, accent and task lights, so get creative with the mood," says O'Gara.

Double Up

When working with small spaces, maximize the potential with rooms that serve dual purposes. "Squeeze the most out of any space with multi-functional furniture," says Brittni Mehloff of Paper + Stitch. For instance, a home office can also be your guest room with the right pieces. A bookshelf can double as a desk while a sleeper sofa meets the needs of your overnight guests.

From: Brittni Mehlhoff

Get Smart

Even if you're locked into a lease, you can always update your home with the latest devices. "Smart technology is all the rage. From thermostats, doorbell cameras, smart locks and light bulbs, nearly everything in your home can be connected to the internet and controlled by a smart device," offers Meghan Giddens, Invitation Homes resident design expert.

Bring on the Bright

And if you can paint your space (yay!), cooler tones and white trim can go a long way when it comes to brightening up a space. "[These neutral paints] offer a timeless color scheme," says Meghan.

Not to mention, they welcome of-the-moment decor.

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