10 Lighting Trends You're About to See Everywhere

We're calling it now: these light fixtures are going to be at the forefront of next season's spaces.

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Photo By: Nicole Franzen, Architecture By: Martha Picciotti of Picciotti Design

Photo By: Alan Gastelum

Photo By: Caitlin McCarthy Design

Photo By: Emily Minton Redfield

Photo By: Claire Esparros

Photo By: Emily Minton Redfield

Photo By: Jacob Hand Photography

Photo By: Spacecrafting

Photo By: Chad Mellon

Asymmetrical Arrangements

This year, unconventional is in. Case in point? Designers are passing up perfectly spaced pendant lights in favor of more casual, asymmetrical arrangements. Maybe it's because we're a bit free-spirited ourselves, but we love how these clusters elongate a room and challenge the status quo in one fell swoop.

Contemporary Cords

On that note, cord lights are also having a major moment right now. (Need more proof? Just take a look at the next two slides.) In this loft from The New Design Project, the free-form fixtures break up the clean lines and prevent the space from taking itself too seriously. Designers Fanny and James tell us that this was part of their plan all along. "We wanted to create a space that was impactful without trying too hard," they explain.

Bohemian Bulbs

Woven rope with bulbs at both ends puts a bohemian twist on the cord light trend. Because the natural material is more cooperative than most, designer Caitlin McCarthy could easily wrap it around the canopy bed to make this space look even more laid-back.

Rattan Ropes

Rattan-covered cords are popular this year, too. Designers Devon and Miranda of Duet Design Group share why they used it in this nursery — and why you'll be seeing it everywhere soon. "We wanted to provide a light source that also served as an artistic element in the space," they explain. "The unique texture, scale and unorthodox mounting device created a magical vignette while also serving as a functional light."

Photography Lights

A photography light makes this loft look picture-perfect, don't you think? Designer Becky Shea says she chose this unique piece from Restoration Hardware because she wanted something that "[...] emulated old but had the luxuries of new." She notes, "It was also important to me to add height to the living space since everything we chose was low profile to avoid blocking any views to the outside."

Patinated Pairings

Brass and silver sconces had their time to shine — this year belongs to lights lacquered with patina, a gorgeous green-blue film that typically forms over copper. Designer Stefani Stein shares why she picked these fixtures for her clients' powder room. "I love the patinated finish of the sconces and the subtle depth they provide against the Stiffkey Blue walls," she says. "They create a nice counterpoint to the polished brass finish of the plumbing and hardware."

Giant Globes

We have it on good authority that globes are going to be big this year. With their round shape, they're reminiscent of disco balls and balloons and add whimsy into any space. For example, in this library from Duet Design Group, the more serious bookshelves get balanced out by the playful fixtures.

Neon Signs

Talk about a glow up! After shining in storefronts for years, neon signs have finally hit home decor. Designer Lauren Svenstrup of Studio Sven tells us how she personalized this lighting trend to a Texas-based client, saying, "As an ode to Austin, I had the 'I love you so much' graffiti turned into a neon sign."

Animal Adaptations

Though designed in 2003, the Roll and Hill sconces in this room were clearly ahead of their time. Now that the back-to-nature movement has taken off, antlers (and other animal-esque accessories) are trendier than ever. Here, designer Lucy Penfield says that she used the lights to create a room that's "comfortable, nothing perfect or too fussy, and layered."

See-Through Table Lamps

See-through table lamps are super popular this year, and honestly, we're not surprised. Because their clear bases recede into the background, they cut back on visual clutter and help spaces look much lighter.

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