Tour This Environmentally-Friendly Home to Two Stylish Atlanta Architects

Cara Cummins and Jose Tavel's home offers style and sustainability.

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Photo By: Tac Studios

Photo By: Tac Studios

Photo By: Tac Studios

Photo By: Tac Studios

Photo By: Tac Studios

Photo By: Tac Studios

Photo By: Tac Studios

Photo By: Tac Studios

Photo By: Michael F. Tavel

Photo By: Tac Studios

Cara Cummins and Jose Tavel of TaC Studios

Architects Cara Cummins and Jose Tavel operate their firm, TaC Studios, out of their LEED Silver-certified house along Atlanta's pedestrian and cycling path, the Atlanta BeltLine. Their home is a prime example of what their TaC Studio offers: modern and green design.The home was built it in 2011 and the couple designed the home to have functionality, character and sustainability. They wanted their home to be about the view outside, and for the outside to be an extension of the house. "We like to surround ourselves with objects that tell a story and are inspiring," says Cara, "we believe in marrying the old and the new."

A Modern, Energy-Efficient Home

Cara and Jose designed their home to be stylish and energy efficient. Their home is simple in design, with concrete panels and European stucco for low maintenance, along with a geothermal mechanical system that helps them control the temperature in the house. The home is surrounded by water, which you can see and hear with the fountains. When the sun and pool lounging is too much for guests, the couple designed a Lanai, or veranda, not far from the pool. The Lanai provides the perfect amount of shade and captures the breeze that crosses the property.

Pool and Courtyard

Cara and Jose made great use of the narrow yard space. The deck and the pool run the length of the house, maximizing the yard's available space. The deck is made of bamboo and a custom concrete step that runs the length of the house.

Upcycled and Worldly Dining

The dining room table was made from the floor salvaged from a tobacco factory. The couple created the one-of-a-kind chandelier from yard clippings they found on the street 15 years ago. The rug underneath the dining table was bought in a cave in North Turkey 20 years ago. The room is finished off with a ladder from Indonesia.

Handmade Art

Cara and Jose love to surround ourselves with objects that are made by hand and are linked by the passions of the makers by faith or culture. Their living space wall is decked with African masks and a large painting by Cara of a plaza in Rome. There are plenty of seating options too: small stools, and pillows on the floor, which make the space flexible.

Style in Simplicity

The cabinets are made by Siematic and the backsplash behind the cooktop is back-painted glass that reflects the garden opposite the kitchen. The bar was designed by Cara and Jose and is topped with 1/2 inch thick frosted glass. The induction cooktop is flush mounted into the countertop, so it appears seamless with the counter.

Plenty of Natural Light

Cara and Jose's home has plenty of window space. The floor to ceiling windows allow for natural light in the entire house, giving the space an open feel. Even in the couple's galley style kitchen, the bright light and streamlined style of the cabinets and bar gives the space a wide-open feel.

Modern Library

Cara and Jose prove that you don't need a huge space to house a library. Their studio library shelves cantilever out of the wall 20" with steel reinforcement.

Master Bedroom

The couple made the bed frame and mounted an Indonesian wall panel on the headboard. They also made the steel light stands that have a clip light mounted on them which allows the couple to move the lights up and down. The sheers that are hanging in front of the window were salvaged from a hotel and adjusted to fit.

Home Office

The couple says that homes of architects are always evolving. The wood slat screen in the conference area for TaC Studios is a temporary wall that separates the space from the rest of the house. The wall is stylish and functional but subject to change in the near future.

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