10 Design Trends to Borrow From Bonnaroo

Life imitates art. Or in this case, home design imitates the latest music festival craze. We mashed up our favorite moments from the 2018 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival with trendy designer spaces.

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Photo By: Jessica Yonker

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Photo By: Jessica Yonker

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Psychedelic Visualizations

A kaleidoscope of funky colors and shapes lit up the stage during What So Not's set. Crazy colors and sights are no stranger to music festivals, but we could really feel the '70s inspiration at this year's Bonnaroo.

Take it to the Walls

This is a modern festival kids' dream bedroom: A psychedelic accent wall brings funky color into this master bedroom. Neutral bed linens help balance out all those wild colors. The David Bowie/Bill Murray pillow only adds to the weirdness, plus we could totally see it being used as a festival totem.

Stripes + Florals

Something old, something new — our mind immediately went to midcentury modern design after spotting this Rooer's black-and-white striped, floral romper.

Nearly a Perfect Match

The L-shaped tufted bench makes a vibrant statement against the bold, thick wall stripes in this breakfast nook. The kelly green coloring of the bench complements the floral wall art mounted above. Clear plastic chairs are placed on the opposite side of a modern oval dining table. An orange floral centerpiece and brass light fixture finish the chic design.

Purple and Blues

We were entranced by Grammy-nominated rapper Future's entrance to his Sunday night set. The hazy, blue and purple lights, remniscient of the DS2 album art, instantly reminded us of the pool.

What a Time to Be Alive, Indeed

This Old World-style pool features a 24 carat gold mosaic in the water that mimics detailing found throughout the rest of the home. Purple lights and dual fire features reflect into the pool, making the whole space glow. We could totally see Future counting his money here.

Go Bold

This image of Anderson .Paak bathed in red lights inspire us to make more daring design decisions.

Pump Up the Drama

Red and black is a classic, dramatic combination. Red can be used quite effectively to warm up a room and make it feel more intimate.


Stick around a festival for long enough, and you're bound to see a flash of green lasers. This scene also makes us realize that black and kelly green is an underrated color combo.

Neon Sign

A neon skyline light adds a pop of color to decorate this hip, contemporary dining room. Neon signs can be customized with any color or phrase you can think of in shops or online for a reasonable price.

DIY Laser Light Show

Incorporate some lasers in your outdoor lighting plan. Pinpoints of light "dance" across trees and shrubs in this tropical backyard.

Rainbow Lights

Even with top-rated artists playing just a few hundred yards away, this festivalgoer's glowing, rainbow wings still stole the attention of everyone who passed by (including us).

Modern Neon Rooftop Bar

A rainbow of neon lights shine on this Miami rooftop bar, which also includes a fire pit lounge and pool. There's fun to be had 24 hours a day.

Go Hands-Free

Fanny packs, once associated with father-figures and tourists, have made a huge comeback in recent years. Bonnaroo sent ticketholders fanny packs to help them comply with strict bag policies introduced in 2018.

We Could All Use a Hand in the Kitchen

No more messes, no more juggling — make the most hardworking room in the house work even harder with an automatic or touchless faucet.

Clever Paint Jobs, Cool Upcycling Projects

We were charmed by this ombre garden gnome we found hanging out in the garden of Planet Roo.

Ombre Planter

Bring the ombre look into your garden with this tire-turned-chic planter. We even put it on casters to make moving the planter easy.

Get the Steps: Make an Upcycled Tire Planter: 3 Oversized Planters You Can Make From Upcycled Items

A Little Baggage Is OK Sometimes

We also couldn't help but notice the Bonnaroo garden gnome was perched upon a painted suitcase. Old luggage can be found at thrift stores (or perhaps collecting dust in your attic), freshened up and used as storage or even as a coffee table.

Get the How-To: How to Make a Suitcase Coffee Table

Colorful Art

This year's SuperJam paid tribute to Tom Petty. We could find small pieces of his influence throughout The Farm, including this bright mural inside Planet Roo.

Dining Room With Colorful Art

An outdoor mural may be a tall task, but adding some vibrant art indoors can transform a space. Keeping the rest of the palette neutral lets the art stand out, and also lets you make quick swaps if your tastes change.

Lounge Life

These inflatable loungers came onto the scene a few years ago — and if you've ever seen them in action, you know they literally cause a scene every time someone tries to inflate one. Difficulties aside, we'd give anything to be this relaxed.

BYOST = Bring Your Own Straw Hat

Squeeze a lounge chair onto your deck or patio for instant relaxation any time. You can easily get the look of this designer lounge chair and bistro set by transforming your own furnishings with a paintbrush and your favorite color.

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