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Defining Cottagecore, the Homespun Design Style We Love

It's not farmhouse and it's not euro-rustic, though it may lie somewhere in between. So, what exactly makes a space cottagecore? Here's what designers say.

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Photo: Jeff Herr. From: James Farmer.

Say Hello to Cottagecore

We won’t let Taylor Swift and her Folklore album take full credit for the current cottagecore movement that’s diminishing our bank accounts as we stock up on dried flowers, brass accessories and vintage furnishings. It’s always been around; HGTV designer Leanne Ford says so (therefore it must be true). But these days, it's everywhere — and for good reason. Cottagecore is nostalgic, cozy, homey like your favorite duvet. “It’s the dream,” says Leanne, “the downstairs in Downton Abbey. It’s Anne of Green Gables, and it's always in style.” But exactly what makes a space cottagecore? We’ll break it down for you.

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Photo: Erin Kelly

Vintage Accessories

Let’s start with the basics. Anything vintage goes when it comes to cottagecore. “It's all about warmth and easy and budget friendly,” says Leanne. “Accessories that will never go out of style.” Raid your grandma’s attic or hit up your favorite second-hand store. There are some gems to be found — and by gems we mean old (but super cool) furniture.

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Photo: Margaret Rajic. From: Kate Marker Interiors.

Vintage-Style Appliances

When it comes to vintage, true vintage technology isn't the way to go. Luckily we've been blessed with brand new appliances that look retro (think Smeg or Big Chill), and they come in muted cottagecore-approved colors. Here, designer Kate Marker brightened up the kitchen in her vacation cottage with a salmon-colored Big Chill fridge. Voila! Instant cottagecore.

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Muted Earth Tones

Choose any color palette, any color palette at all — but make it muted and earthy. Cottagecore is subtle, as is its color scheme. Cottagecore doesn't scream, “Look at me!” Instead, its soft shades slowly roll over you like a warm blanket. Miss Mustard Seed blogger Marian Parsons associates cottagecore with shades of green, “...because of its relation to the gardens and fields that surround traditional cottages.”

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