Cape Cod-Style Homes

These captivating, quintessential New England-style homes are often found off the rocky shoreline of Cape Cod, Mass. Browse the essentials of a Cape Cod design to get coastal-themed ideas for your home.
By: Angela Ringo

Rustic Symmetry

This simple symmetrical design resembles one of the earliest Colonial Cape Cod styles. Showcasing the traditional central chimney, this austere home reflects the stormy hues found off the coast of Massachusetts.

Strong Elements

Architecturally, Cape Cod-style homes are designed to withstand harsh New England weather. Steep roofs help shed snow and rain, while a central chimney provides heat throughout the home. Gable-fronted dormers open up attic spaces and add an element of visual contrast to the home's exterior.

Coastal Beauty

Cedar shingle siding completes the seaside look of this well-worn home. Coastal elements like the unpainted shingles add a distinctively weathered look while the inclusion of white trim adds a pop of fresh contrast.

Rich, Inviting Red

Shutters and doors are often painted a rich hue to add warmth to a whitewashed exterior. In this case, earthy red draws attention to the windows and coordinates with the two brick chimneys.

Cheerful Windows

Doghouse or gable dormer windows add natural light to dark interior spaces like attics. Adding customized flower boxes transforms the dormers into eye-pleasing features. Replicate this look with wooden flower containers that can easily hang from window ledges.

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