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Interior Design and Lifestyle Trends to Look Out for in 2023

Everything from happy, colorful hues to gaming rooms, the design experts at HGTV bring you the 2023 design and lifestyle trends that will be on the rise this year.

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2023 Interior Design Trends

The design experts at HGTV bring you interior design and lifestyle trends that will dominate in 2023. These trends show how ideas about home, comfort, inclusion and conservation of resources will play out in our daily lives this year. How we experience entertainment in new immersive or virtual experiences, how we engage with and learn from nature and how we define beauty are all undergoing an upheaval. Check out the cultural and home design trends that will be on the rise this year.

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Trend 1: Nature + Nurture

HGTV's Nature + Nurture design trend will entail paying more attention to universal access to the great outdoors, enjoying the benefits of nature, incorporating the outdoors into design and recognizing the inadequate and unequal access to quality green spaces than can define American life. Regenerative design will be critical as consumers support brands that recycle and reuse but create compostable, organic-based building materials and products that help, and don't harm, the environment.

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From: Lisa Furtado

Imperfection and Patina

Products with intentional or accidental flaws look forged by natural processes of erosion and weather. Embracing material irregularities that give a semblance of the human touch and naturally produced colors often created with plant dyes will be a rising trend in 2023.

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Photo: Binishells

Biomorphic Design

Design that doesn't just work alongside nature but mimics its shapes and qualities will be big in 2023. Binishells is just one such company, which has created a radical architectural form: a neoprene bladder filled with air, that is then covered in a thin coat of reinforced spray-on concrete. The 21st century answer to Buckminster Fuller's geodesic domes, Binishells take their cue from nature and the strong, curved shells used by nuts, crustaceans and eggs for protection.

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