16 Festive Holiday Entryway Ideas

Impress your guests and create a charming holiday display in your entryway with these simple decorating ideas.

Charming Entryway

Thanks to a predominantly black, white, red and green color scheme, the entry of this traditional-style home greets guests with unexpected holiday charm.

Felt Poinsettia Garland

Dress up your banister's garland with handmade fabric poinsettias. To add an extra layer of visual interest, trace leaves directly onto fabric using a marker or chalk. Next, cut along the traced leaf silhouette with scissors. Once cut, layer several pieces of fabric together, and fasten with a needle and thread. Finish with a button to add instant graphic pattern and classic holiday charm with minimum expense.

Cork Advent Calendar

Make it a priority to count down the days to Christmas with a DIY advent calendar hung front and center in your home's entry. To do this, you need a frame, a basic cork board, holiday note cards and ribbon. Add five rows consisting of five cards in each row to the cork board with push pins. Mark the inside of each card with the numbered days. Tip: Year to year, you can change up the look of your advent calendar's style by changing out the cards.

Calendar Numbers

To ensure the 25 days of Christmas note cards of your cork board advent calendar are easy to read from different vantage points, be sure and use an extra-thick marker when assigning days to each card.

Cake Plate Ornaments

Add some holiday flair to your entry console with a cake plate and ornament sculpture. Pile glass ball ornaments on top of one another in a pyramid shape atop a cake stand and hold them together using double-sided tape.

Cranberry Topiary

Topiaries don't necessarily have to be made of live greenery. Create one-of-a-kind topiaries for your entry console from candlesticks, foam floral spheres and faux cranberries. The graphic shape of the sphere, juxtaposed with the texture of the cranberries and sheen of the metallic candlesticks, strikes a perfect design balance. Tip: A similar look can be achieved by attaching gummy raspberry candies to floral spheres with toothpicks.

Mobile Christmas Tree

While Christmas trees in living rooms or dining rooms are the norm, why not greet friends and family at various entrances of your home with a mobile Christmas tree? Outfit a galvanized metal wash tub with wheels, and firmly place an artificial tree inside and weigh it down with sandbags or bricks. The mobility of the tree allows you to roll it to whichever entrance is being used for your next Yuletide gathering.

Houndstooth Garland

Create your own unique garland from strips of fabric and twinkle lights. To make this, choose several different fabrics in coordinating patterns or colors, and cut them into thin strips. Next, tie the strips to the twinkle lights until the cord is completely covered. Once finished, the garland can be used to dress up your mobile Christmas tree, staircase banister or even over your front door.

Plaid Boot Tray

Even the most practical of entryway accessories can use a holiday update. To dress up your boot tray this winter, cut a piece of indoor/outdoor fabric featuring a holiday palette or pattern to size, and attach to the bottom of your boot tray with spray adhesive.

Reclaimed Wood Tree

Add a youthful, rustic touch to your entryway with a reclaimed wood tree. To create one, pick up reclaimed barn siding in various shades of faded paint, and cut to size and attach to a 2 x 2 post with an X-base made from wooden fence planks.

Spindle Snowman Hooks

Give your everyday items holiday flair with spindle snowman wall hooks. Pick up three basic wooden spindles from the home improvement store, and spray-paint them in the color of your choice. Add accents, such as hats, buttons and facial features to create the look of a DIY snowman. Screw basic coat hooks to the bottom of the spindle and you've got a festive spot to hang your coats, bags, scarves and keys.

Pinecone Wreath

Creating a custom wreath is as easy as shopping for materials in your front yard. Bring organic texture to your entry with a pinecone wreath. To create one, simply gather about 35 pinecones, and attach them one at a time to a wreath form using hot glue.

Wood-Block Snowman

Give the kids something fun to come home to during the holidays with a wood-block snowman. Screw three wooden boxes or wooden blocks together through the back, and spray-paint all pieces white. Add buttons to the front and get creative with repurposed objects as facial features. Finish it with a winter hat, and place atop your entry console.

Festive Window Display

Don't fall behind on your holiday shopping and holiday cards. Give yourself a stylish reminder with a reclaimed window and house numbers with the date of your big holiday, whether it's Christmas or Hanukkah.

Mail-Holder Art

Get the kids excited about writing their own holiday cards. Paint blank canvases with holiday silhouettes, and write each family member's name on it.

Square Wreath

Instead of the basic round wreath, try a square version this holiday season. Add organic texture and bold green flair to the wreath form by covering it with moss. Punch up the contrast with faux cranberries or small glass ornaments.

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