10 Envy-Inducing Front Yards With Curb Appeal to Spare

Let’s face it: first impressions matter. If you’re not convinced, front yards are the perfect proof. The front yard provides a glimpse into the house without being invasive or exclusive enough to require an invitation, a representation of the residents and their style. From breathtaking, natural splendor to mermaid-esque surrealism, these 10 houses prove the importance of an amazing first impression, thanks to some clever decorating choices and major curb appeal.

Photo By: Mickman Brothers, Inc.

Photo By: Michaelene O'Keefe Photography

Photo By: Dan Piassick

Photo By: Robin Hill

Great Escape

For lovers of the outdoors, rest and relaxation are found in the peaceful comfort of a forest hideaway. Just in case your troubles don't melt away with the help of the shrubs and trees, the babbling brook and waterfall will do the trick.

Paradise Found

And for other people, happiness is only a beach away. Simple, tropical accents and icons, with the help of local flora and fauna, can transform a house’s facade from simple, shabby shack to the ultimate vacation home.

Rolling Splendor

From selfies to front yards, lighting is key. Embracing twinkly, unexpected light fixtures and combining them with stones, trees and a creek all make for a jaw-dropping first impression. Of course, a backdrop including mountain views isn’t bad either.

Grand Entrance

According to science, humans are attracted to symmetry. If that’s to be believed, then a front yard’s curb appeal is at its highest with symmetrical features, from trees and potted plants to patriotic flags. When everything is in its proper place, it’s at its most regal.

Quirky Cove

You don’t have to go with the usual picket fence, stone arrangement or cluster of trees. Think outside the box and turn a yard from ho-hum to a mermaid-esque cove straight out of a home decorating fairytale.

Picket Fences

It might not be everyone’s reality, but there’s still something nostalgic about a home complete with the classic white picket fence. It also helps when the yard contained in that fence is groomed, well-kempt and colorful.

Shore Thing

Sometimes, less is more. In some cases, houses can speak for themselves, without all of the bells, whistles and fountains. Know when to pull back and say no to trends or trinkets. You’ll thank yourself later.

In Bloom

When struggling to choose a new pop of color, leave it to nature. From hot pink azaleas to simple white tulips, there’s something not only for everybody, but every diverse yard and climate around.

Secret Garden

If your green thumb hasn’t been flexed properly, the front yard could be an opportunity to show off your skills. Your talent could manifest major results, making for a perfect Instagram backdrop or a beautiful space for sitting back and relaxing.

Right at Home

Even the most traditional of farmhouses can become a little more modern with a few clever color choices and fun additions.

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