Make a Splash and Throw the Ultimate 'Finding Dory' Party

The fun shouldn’t have to end when the credits roll! We’ve got tropical-inspired party ideas for both kids and adults.

After patiently waiting a little over 13 years, "Finding Dory," the anticipated sequel to "Finding Nemo," finally hit theaters and the kid in me could not be more excited. For the millennials and adults who have been waiting too, I’ve got some tropical-inspired party ideas to help celebrate the film’s big release. Check out these party ideas below, and remember — just keep swimming!

First Up: Activities 

Laughing little Afro girl and friends playing together on a water slide in their yard in the sun

Photo by: iStock / wundervisuals

iStock / wundervisuals

Kid Version: Get the kiddos to the early movie matinee and you’ll have some sun leftover to have a lawn water slide party. All you need is a tarp and a hose with water and you’re good to go! 

Photo by: iStock / Alberto Pomares

iStock / Alberto Pomares

Adult Version: Throw a backyard luau complete with flower leis and citronella torches. 

Next: Beverages 

Green River Ice Cream Float

Green River Ice Cream Float

Photo by: Levi Brown (Recipe by Jeff Mauro)

Levi Brown (Recipe by Jeff Mauro)

Kid Version: In honor of the film's favorite turtles, make a green ice-cream float. Summer is toasty, and this is a great way to cool the kids down.

Fishbowl Punch

Fishbowl Punch

Photo by: Tablespoon (Recipe by Michelle P.)

Tablespoon (Recipe by Michelle P.)

Adult Version: Nothing celebrates aquatic life like a boozy fishbowl punch complete with fish gummies.

Make It: Fishbowl Punch

Next: Snacks

DIY Coconut Snow Cones

DIY Coconut Snow Cones

Make your own snow cones at home! Blend up ice cubes to make DIY shaved ice, then top with coconut-lime syrup and your favorite fruits.

Photo by: Andrew McGary ©© 2015 HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Andrew McGary, © 2015 HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Kid Version: Fruity snow cones with an umbrella? Healthy, refreshing and tropical.

Make It: DIY Snow Cones

Spicy Shrimp Toast

Spicy Shrimp Toast

Adult Version: Comfort food meets tropical cuisine. Hello, spicy shrimp toast. 

Finally: Party Favors 

Kid Version: "My bubbles." 

Holiday Favors: Candy Kit Bottles

Holiday Favors: Candy Kit Bottles

Give a perfect amount of candy for guest to break into when a sweet craving hits. Fill three small, glass vials with three different kinds of candy. Here, we used Nerds, Sour Worms and Snowcaps to cover sweet, sour and chocolatey cravings.

Adult + Kid Version: Everyone loves candy. Fill bottles up with your favorite fish-shaped snacks, and send your guests off with a snack in a bottle.

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