Create a magical miniature container garden that will enthrall your kids. In this make-believe landscape, pint-sized plants become huge trees, small pebbles make a stone path and tiny woodland sprites are as close as your imagination.

July Project: Fairy Garden

fairy garden


  • container with drainage hole
  • high-quality potting soil
  • plants (used here: boxwood, lithodora, Irish moss, living-rock plants)
  • furniture (some fairies prefer natural materials like bark, twigs, leaves, etc.)
  • pebbles
  • water

How to Start Your Fairy Garden

What fairy could resist resting her wings on a cozy bench beneath a tree, moss at her feet and dainty flowers to admire? In this enchanting project, you'll create a miniature container garden that's sure to invite fairies. And who knows — if you build it, they just might come.

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