Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Puppy

Turn your little one into a cute puppy this Halloween with minimal makeup you can apply in a jiffy.
Puppy Halloween Makeup

Puppy Halloween Makeup

Turn your little one into a cute puppy this Halloween with minimal makeup you can apply in a jiffy. Requiring just cream face paint, a black eyeliner pencil and basic tools, kids will love this makeup treatment so much that you may want to keep extra supplies on hand to pup them up for birthday parties or school carnivals.

By: Colleen Herman

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Materials Needed:

  • cream face paint in white, black, red and brown
  • small and medium makeup brushes
  • makeup sponges
  • black eyeliner pencil

Paint Eyes

Use a medium makeup brush to apply brown face paint, making a giant circle around one eye, extending up and over the eyebrow (Image 1). Fill in the circle, but be careful not to get too close to the eye with makeup. Now switch over to black paint and draw a smaller circle around the other eye, but don't fill in the second circle (Image 2). Note: The two circles should not match.

Create Snout

To create the puppy's mouth area, use white face paint on a makeup sponge to cover the tip of the nose, around the mouth and the lips (Image 1). Use a detail brush to pull the face paint out in thin strokes to create the muzzle's shape (Image 2).

Add Nose and Mouth

To accentuate the puppy nose, use black face paint to make a small rounded triangle at the tip of the nose (Image 1). Extend a line down until it meets the top lip. It should get a little wider as it reaches the lip. Fill in the inside of the lips where they meet. Create a droopy effect by extending the lines down around the corners of the mouth (Image 2).

Paint Tongue

To create the look of a puppy's tongue hanging out, start at one edge of the bottom lip and draw a line down to the chin about an inch using black face paint, then round it to just past the middle of the lip. Fill this in with red face paint (Image 1). In the center of the tongue, add a line extending from the mouth to about 3/4 of the way down with black liner.

Painting Red Tongue for Halloween Puppy Makeup

Painting Red Tongue for Halloween Puppy Makeup

Complete the Look

Use a thin brush and brown makeup to add some hair texture to the snout by making wispy lines in random spots all around the white area. Now, take black eyeliner and add a few dots just under the nose to be the puppy's whisker dots (Image 1). Pull the puppy's hair into high pigtails to resemble fluffy ears or glue some fabric ears onto a headband. You can use a store-bought costume or a brown sweat suit with spots drawn on with a marker for a quick DIY costume (Image 2).

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