Halloween Decorating Idea: Black-Glittered Pumpkins

School glue and black glitter are all you need to give plain pumpkins a chic makeover. Choose an easy pattern for crafting with kids or go with a timeless design, like a monogram or graphic pattern, for a sophisticated look.

Halloween Glittered Pumpkins

Halloween Glittered Pumpkins

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Materials Needed:

  • faux or fresh pumpkins
  • graphite transfer paper
  • pencil
  • computer
  • printer and printer paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • 1.0 liner artist brush
  • school glue
  • wax paper
  • paper towel
  • black glitter
  • container or bowl
  • spoon

Sketch or Trace Design

Make sure pumpkin skin is clean and dry. Choose a Halloween-themed design or graphic, scale it to fit your pumpkin and print onto standard printer paper. Cut off excess paper around image to make it more manageable and also cut a piece of graphite transfer paper roughly the same size as graphic (Image 1). Tape both pieces to pumpkin in desired location (Image 2). Gently trace over graphic with a pencil (Image 3). Check under transfer paper occasionally to make sure tracing is successful (Image 4). Tip: Simple graphics like a witch silhouette, large spider or typography will be best for this project.

Apply Glue

Place pumpkin over a large piece of wax paper to catch any dripping glue and excess glitter. Tip: Tilt pumpkin onto its back side to reduce dripping. Use the tip of a school glue bottle or a 1.0 liner artist brush to apply glue over transferred lines. Wipe up any excess or dripping glue with a moist paper towel.

Halloween Glittered Pumpkins

Halloween Glittered Pumpkins

Apply Glitter

Pour glitter into a container or bowl. Use a spoon to sprinkle glitter over wet school glue. Tip pumpkin to shake excess glitter onto wax paper below. Repeat this until entire glued area is coated with glitter. Tip: After applying glitter, roll wax paper into a cylinder and pour excess glitter back into container or bowl to reuse.

Halloween Glittered Pumpkins

Halloween Glittered Pumpkins

Add Embellishments

It's best to glue and glitter one element at a time. If adding additional graphics, words or embellishments, apply glue with the bottle tip or brush and sprinkle with glitter (Image 1). Glittered pumpkins may be displayed indoors or in a covered outdoor area, like a porch or veranda.

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