Giant Yarn Spider Web

Decorate for Halloween with a stylish and spooky oversize spider web that you can make in minutes.
Giant Yarn Spider Web

Giant Yarn Spider Web

By: Dana Willard

Materials Needed:

  • yarn
  • clear tape
  • plastic spiders

Pick Color and Location

Pick a colorful yarn to use to build the web. Then choose a spot for the web — indoors or outdoors. Consider locations that allow the web to angle and pop out a bit. It adds good dimension, rather than lying flat against the wall.

Pick Color and Location

Pick Color and Location

Make the Skeleton and Arms of Web

Use double strands of yarn, and tape the ends to the wall and cabinet with simple Scotch tape. Make an X, then make other crisscross lines, and finally make a big vertical strand from the ceiling down. This is so the last one could lie on the other strings and pop out (since it wasn't taped to a 3-D object like the cabinet).

Make the Web Rings

Cut a very long strand of yarn for each section — longer than you think you'll need. Fold it in half and start the ring with a simple loop knot. Then take the yarn around to each arm and simply loop it around. You don't need to tie knots — this is fast and easy. Don't try to be accurate and precise. It's better to look wonky here and there. When you get back around to beginning of the ring, tie the end with a knot, cut off the excess and start over on the next ring.


Continue the process to create as many rings as you like. For the very center ring, skip every other web arm so the lines would look more angular and less like a circle.



Add Spiders

Add spiders to the giant yarn spider web and you’re all set.

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