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Pull Your Garden Design Together With Lines

Feb 12, 2016

As you plan your garden, it's important to create a line—a path or route that leads the eye through the space—to help pull together the overall look of your design.

Folk Art Brings This Neutral Dining Room to Life

10 Photos

An art-loving homeowner's entertaining spot is inspired by her favorite folk art pieces.

Ideas for Designing With Plants

Feb 12, 2016

Use these simple guidelines to achieve the garden look that best suits your budget and lifestyle.

Garden Design Step One: What Kind of Garden Do You Want?

Feb 12, 2016

Start designing your garden by asking yourself what you want and need from your outdoor space.

Garden Design: Create a Well-Balanced Garden

Feb 12, 2016

A balanced, well-proportioned garden design makes for a comfortable and relaxing garden.

Garden Design: Choose an Overall Look for Your Garden

Feb 12, 2016

Deciding on a central garden design idea or landscaping theme for your garden will help keep the space from looking cluttered and unfocused.

Designing Garden Flowerbeds and Borders

Feb 12, 2016

Plan the garden of your dreams by attending to the basics of structure, style and plant choice.

Colorful + Travel-Inspired Living Room is Perfectly Curated

10 Photos

See how one homeowner pulls from her extensive travels to design and decorate this small living room.

Smashing Pumpkins!

Feb 12, 2016 by Danny Flanders

Give your gourds a lasting glow for fall and winter holidays.

How to Extend the Life of Your Cut Flowers

Feb 12, 2016

Follow these tips to make sure that your gorgeous arrangement has maximum staying power.