HGTV Urban Oasis: Kitchen Pictures

The dynamic kitchen space accommodates a variety of tasks, from food prep to work-from-home responsibilities.

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Food prep, dining, entertaining and paperwork – tasks big and small can be tackled in the gourmet kitchen and dining area. The space boasts rich chocolate brown cabinetry that creates a minimum of contrast with sleek stainless steel appliances. "I wanted the cabinetry to feel more like it was 'furniture' and less like it was 'kitchen,'" says Vern.

A clean modern look in keeping with Vern's minimalistic design envelope incorporates Silestone countertops and a stainless steel tile backsplash, presented in a traditional running bond pattern. "It reflects what I love best about New York City, which is this blend of old and new," says Vern.

An over-the-oven high-speed microwave in a stainless steel finish combines the functions of a toaster oven, convection oven, microwave and range hood. The oven cavity of 1.7 cubic feet accommodates large dishes.

Whether cooking for a crowd or reheating takeout for one, the electric range tackles the job. An induction cooktop, convection oven and warming drawer are among the specialty features.

Along with counter space that flanks the range, a glass-topped desk/dining table is close at hand should food and party prep require additional space.

A top-of-the-line Cuisinart Single-Cup Brewing System eliminates the need for coffee shop stops. With sleek styling and a chrome finish, the appliance blurs the line between form and function.

Crisp white porcelain dinnerware contributes to the room’s clean, modern and minimalistic aesthetic. Uncluttered and carefully stacked, serving pieces invite entertaining.

Cooking in an open kitchen space, with close proximity to the living room, poses challenges. Glade PlugIns Scented Oil eliminates, rather than masks, odors and keeps air fresh for extended periods of time.

A seamless transition is made from sleek Silestone countertop to stainless steel appliances. "The Silestone countertop has little bits of mirror in it that take the natural light of the space and refracts it right back," says Vern.

The Cuisinart Griddler saves time and effort when cooking for one or two. The appliance serves as indoor grill, panini press and griddle.

Vern selected understated contemporary fixtures for the kitchen, including a single-control pull-out faucet in polished chrome paired with a stainless steel undermount sink.

Silestone countertop, stainless steel tile and polished chrome fixtures make a simple yet sophisticated statement.

The kitchen space is outfitted with a Samsung DMR78 dishwasher, selected for its ultra-quiet operation and triple filtration system, which eliminates pre-rinsing.

The built-in dishwasher features a leak sensor, a hard food disposer and a tilted, adjustable rack system.

Quick food prep is no problem with the Cuisinart Elite Collection Food Processor, which features 11- and 4½-cup work bowls nested inside a 14-cup bowl.

The Samsung refrigerator, three inches slimmer than conventional models, offers sleek styling and accommodates small spaces.

A full-size washer and dryer are stacked and stored away in their own dedicated cabinets. "It's a real luxury in New York City to have a washer and dryer," says Vernp. "It's really nice to be able to equip that kitchen so fully."

The super-capacity (7.4 cubic feet) Samsung clothes dryer features steam drying technology, which reduces wrinkles and eliminates lingering odors.

The Samsung washing machine in a stainless platinum finish, complete with large capacity size and vibration reduction technology, offers convenience in a tight space.

To establish a warm, sophisticated feel, hardware is minimal. "I wanted it to be clean," says Vern of the overall aesthetic. "The bigger and chunkier the hardware, the more noticeable it is."

A custom-crafted dining/work table, one of the first items Vern designed for the space, separates the cooking from the living space. "I remember thinking when I first walked into the unit how wonderful it would be to sit and have a work space that actually looked out onto the incredible view," he says.

"I knew right away that photo needed to be in the kitchen," says Vern of the stunning image of the Staten Island Ferry that presides over the kitchen. The photo, taken by artist Andrew Moore, can be seen as soon as one enters the hallway. "I wanted to incorporate something that had color and had the ability to lock your focus in right away," he adds.

A circa-1970s Italian crystal chandelier illuminates the dining space. Vern, inspired by light fixtures at Lincoln Center, worked with house planner Jack Thomasson to add a junction box to accommodate the fixture. "I love how it simultaneously looks so ethereal and also so solid and architectural," Vern says. "It's one of the most unique fixtures I’ve ever seen."

Transparent polycarbonate chairs in the style of Philippe Stark's Louis Ghost Chairs, serve as both desk and dining chairs. "I love the fact that they are comfortable and translucent and don't add to the visual weight," says Vern.

The unique Crystal Wave design of the Samsung R780 pops against the transparent tabletop surface. The computer can be stored away in a custom cabinet that serves as a support base for the glass-topped table.

The eight-foot table, topped with glass, can serve three purposes, according to Vern: dining and entertaining, work or food prep.

A side cabinet opens to reveal a Samsung wireless color laser multifunction printer that rests atop a retractable shelf. "It makes that whole area a functional working office," says Vern.

Table supports conceal additional storage space; electrical cords are corralled and a central power strip concealed in a wooden track that runs the length of the table.