Smart Tech That Gets Your Personal Design Style

Tech for tech’s sake doesn’t work if it doesn’t blend seamlessly into your life. From motorized blinds and automatic locks, to sleek kitchen appliances and subtle screen projectors, HGTV Smart Home 2017 features gadgets, which come in various finishes that work anywhere.  

Photo By: Brittany Ambridge

Photo By: Brittany Ambridge

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Robert Peterson; Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Brittany Ambridge

Photo By: Brittany Ambridge

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Wow-Worthy Windows

These clever drapes and blinds are a dream come true— use an app to schedule their opening and closing, so you don’t have to fuss with them day in and day out. They come in a number of different styles, fabrics, and colors so you can match it perfectly in any room you want them in.

Plug-In Convenience

If you’re like me and need a million things plugged in but get bothered by the outlets getting in the way of each other, this collection will be your best friend. Beautifully designed in a show-stopping cube shape, this collection makes your outlets feel less archaic and more stylish. With a series of different finishes (an array of colors and metals), these outlets feel at home wherever it’s installed. 

Locks You'll Love

Say goodbye to searching through your bag to find your keys to unlock your front door, or hiding a key under the mat for your dog-walker. These smart locks allows you to unlock your front door with your smartphone, or give access to guests. Best part? You don’t have to change your favorite existing door hardware (and its color range match with most).

High-Tech Meets High Design

This sleek all-in-one desktop PC brings a whole new perspective to desktop computing. The design features a stunning 34” curved display that is elegant and stylish plus a wireless keyboard to minimize unnecessary cords. Its curves would look at home in a modern office or a more traditional desk, like the one in the home’s tech closet.     

Beautiful Black Appliances

Black stainless steel is an exciting new finish that rounds out the choices in this line of appliances. The black finish makes the copper accents pop. 

Change Your Artwork With Ease

With over 30,000 works of art to choose from, this celever framed feature lets you choose the art that fits your decor or your mood. With the swipe of your hand, you can choose a Picasso or Van Gogh, or a photo that you took on your last family vacation. Meural comes in three different frame colors - black, white and lightbox, and the art inside can go from Abstract to Classical in an instant.  

Space-Saving Screen Time

Clunky TVs throwing off the vibe of your room? This compact projector allows you to display your favorite movie or TV show when you’re having a night in with the family or music videos while hosting friends. It’s so small you’ll forget it’s there when not in use— but when it is you can even use it to throw color-coordinated art or video installations on the wall.

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