HGTV Smart Home 2013: Deck Pictures

Outdoor living is made easy at HGTV Smart Home 2013, with deck space dedicated to grilling, dining and entertaining guests.

HGTV Smart Home 2013 Back Deck

Inspired by the vernacular Florida vacation home, a porch wraps the length of the backyard, providing shade from the intense midday sun. A flat porch roof, clad in 24-gauge metal, replaces the classic sloped roof clad in cedar or cypress shingles.

Outdoor Kitchen With Stainless Steel Grill

A stainless steel infrared grill complete with magnetic storage carts carves out a grilling station under the porch overhang. Travertine countertops off the food prep area complement the coquina-style walls, embedded with oyster shell.

Smart Home Deck

A bamboo cutting board and grilling tool set are placed at the ready. Glass clamp-lid bottles are ideal for storage of marinades, dressings, and specialty cocktail syrups and infusions.

Smart Home Deck

The back deck of HGTV Smart Home is designed to accommodate a classic cookout, with space to both prepare and cook a summer meal.

Luxurious Outdoor Deck

Composite decking in a weathered gray hue creates a neutral canvas underfoot.

Smart Home Deck

Dressing the table in a tropical motif complements the sunny coastal location. Durable Thai porcelain dinnerware paired with rattan chargers is at once casual and outdoor-chic.

Smart Home Deck

Ceramic demi-lune planters that flank the back entrance are filled with bird of paradise palms, which lend eye-popping texture and interest.

Smart Home 2013 Outdoor Dining Area

To stand up to Florida's harsh and changeable weather conditions, a pine trestle-style table is treated with two layers of primer, three layers of car paint and finally two layers of clear coat. Vintage steel chairs cozy up and offer seating for eight.

Smart Home Deck

The dining table set presents the perfect marriage of modern and vintage-chic garden design.

Smart Home Deck

Rain barrels collect runoff for use in watering the property's planters. "While once used to collect rainwater for drinking, we now use rain barrels for additional hand-watering irrigation," says landscape architect Jeremy Marquis. "They also help in eliminating the ponding that oftentimes occurs at the base of a downspout."

Smart Home Deck

A series of kumquat trees provides a natural privacy fence in the side yard. Placed in wooden planter boxes and protected by a layer of pine straw, the trees will grow to a height of 10 feet.

Smart Home Deck

Kumquat trees will fruit throughout the winter and grow several feet if properly cared for.

Beachy Blue Painted Ceiling

Exterior soffits become a focal point when painted in a semigloss shade of beachy blue.

Smart Home Deck

A contemporary interpretation of the classic Florida shingle-style vacation home, HGTV Smart Home 2013 boasts architectural details that harken back to Jacksonville Beach's earliest days. Cupolas, shakes fashioned from fiber cement, wraparound porches and sloped roofs recall early design.

HGTV Smart Home 2013 Deck and Dining Area

"It's a good contrast of high-low," says Linda of the pairing of trestle table and weathered steel chairs. "It's just a little more interesting than an expensive dining room set."