Dining Room Pictures From HGTV Dream Home 2016

Cool gray walls serve as the backdrop for a comfortable coastal dining room that invites guests to visit long after dessert.
By: Jeannie Matteucci

Relaxed Dining

Looking towards the front of the house, the great room's approximately 15x13 foot dining area has a comfortable coastal style that invites guests to linger.

Stylish Seating

Custom slip covers in simple white linen cover six elegantly tailored chairs that when removed, create a completely different look for more formal dinners.

Quick Change

Without the basic linen slipcover, the dining chairs have a more refined look suited for formal gatherings.

Great Flow

The well-planned layout of the home allows guests to easily move from the living room to the dining area when dinner is ready to be served.

Rustic Chic

Simple accessories like a white ceramic pitcher and bowl and white dishes just feel right in this dining space with a coastal and rustic chic feel.

Finishing Touches

Casual linen napkins with leather napkin rings are rolled and ready for guests.

Table for Ten

The dining table can seat up to ten people, with two leaves available to expand the size for large gatherings.

Dramatic and Modern

A large 7x7 foot piece of modern art with a dripping black circle makes an impressive statement that pops off the dining room's cool gray walls. "It just gives you the perfect amount of contrast you need to an otherwise really serene space," says interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn.

Perfect Spot

With windows that look out to the front of the home on one side and the open living room steps away, the dining room is situated in a perfect location and provides a cozy spot made for gathering.

Secluded Space

With the home's front door just on the other side of the half wall, the dining room's muted color scheme creates a sophisticated and secluded space away from the traffic flow in and out of the house.

Dining Room Illumination

A trio of industrial-style pendants made from polished nickel offer illumination over the dining table.

Beautiful Glow

Although the polished nickel pendants are industrial in their shape and construction, interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn says the fixtures have a very polished look with frosted glass diffusers on the bottom that cast a beautiful glow on the people sitting below.

Framed Sketches

In contrast to the large scale modern art on the other side of the dining room, a collection of six smaller black and white furniture sketches sit against this cool gray wall.

European Style

Each of the black and white framed sketches in the group of six highlights a classic European style chair.

Unexpected Pattern

A 10x12 foot area rug with an ikat-like pattern adds a layer of warmth for the dining room floor. The rug's faded look fits with the coastal feel of the space.

Touch of Nature

A pair of potted palm trees add a touch of nature and island flavor to the dining room.

Window Treatments

The flowing window treatments add a bit of pattern and texture to the dining room's cool gray walls.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

The dining room's tall windows allow natural light inside and provide a connection with the outdoors.

Elegant Look

Without the casual linen slipcovers, the elegant shape of the dining chairs give the dining room a more formal look and feel.

Finished Look

The muted color scheme and the well-chosen furniture and accessories work together to create a dining room that feels both comfortable and elegant.