19 Luxurious Bedrooms in Tiny Spaces

The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in a home. It's a fact that you spend one-third of your life in it! Fortunately, as seen on HGTV's Tiny Luxury, giving up square footage doesn't mean you have to scrimp on style. Check out these magnificent tiny bedrooms and steal inspiration for your own size-challenged snooze rooms.

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September 23, 2016

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Photo By: 182029004420

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Photo By: 182029004420

Photo By: 182029004420

Photo By: 182029004420

Photo By: 182029004420

Photo By: 182029004420

Photo By: 182029004420

Photo By: 182029004420

Photo By: 182029004420

Photo By: 182029004420

Photo By: 182029004420

Photo By: Bodega Pictures

Photo By: Bodega Pictures

Cozy and Rustic

A tiny bedroom can still go big on style. This room shows off the rustic, yet modern, style of the owners.

True Centerpiece

Surprise! This bedroom also overlooks the living area, giving it a fancy feel and making it the focal point of the entire space.

Lofty Ambition

While smartly saving space, this master loft area also adds an element of urban chic.

Room with a View

How's watching the sun rise and set from your bed for pure luxury? 

Fit for a King

Just because a room is small doesn't mean you're stuck with a twin sized bed. A king and a nightstand fit nicely in this lofted space.

Add Accessories

Fun throw pillows and live plants can quickly transform a bedroom into a sleeping oasis. With this much style, you'd never miss the extra space.

A Superior Bedspread

Time to check in. Elegant navy bedding, topped off with a faux fur throw, makes this bedroom feel like a hotel instead of a home. 

One Hue All Over

An all-white room makes the space feel open, airy, and larger than it is. 

Look Up High

Ceiling-hugging shelving above this Murphy bed allows for items to be stored or displayed without taking up significant space. 

Tucked In

One more Murphy bed, for good measure.

The Wonder of Windowpanes

Surrounded by windows, this 75-square-foot bedroom feels like the ultimate escape. Open windows make the room feel larger than it truly is.

Oh Starry Night

Don't dismiss the power of a skylight. Placing a bed under a window in the ceiling makes every night feel like a night camping under the stars.

Tucked Away

A pull-out bed like this one, which tucks neatly under the living room sapce, makes for a huge space saver. 

Served on a Platter

And boutique bedding, like turquoise pillows and this white covelet, create a finished look. 

Personalized Style

It's all in the details. A rustic antler, stylish throw pillows, dark wood-framed windows and a corner nook of accessories make this bedroom unforgettable. 

Making It Memorable

Just because a bed doesn't have a headboard and sits on the floor, it doesn't mean it has to lack luxury. Give your bedroom a feeling of opulance with oversized and fluffy pillows, bright lighting and live plants.

Your Perfect Picks

A built-in and open closet allows for prized fashion items to serve as decor.

Cozy Corner

A queen bed tucked into a corner of this master loft makes for a a cozy space for sleeping and lounging. This above-bed skylight, an affordable feature, adds a bit of luxury as well.

Brighten It Up

Featuring a vaulted ceiling, bright skylight and 46 inches of head room, this bedroom actually feels super spacious. A bright red bedspread and turquoise pillows won't close in the space, just add magazine-worthy character.

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