About the Show

Contractor and designer Kelbe Cronen meets up weekly with potential homebuyers in the booming real estate market of Portland, OR. As clients tour the homes, they describe their personal needs and point out where the home is missing key features. Kelbe then takes their feedback, helps them envision renovation possibilities and gets to work converting the house into the home of their dreams.

Season 1, Episode 1

Renovation Whisperer

A Portland, OR, couple has outgrown their one-bedroom condo and is looking to expand. They find a home in a great location but feel the home is too closed off and dark. Kelbe suggests a few renovations that could make the house perfect including the removal of a wall and old cabinets as well as some exterior additions to add curb appeal. In the end, the happy couple's outdated and closed-off cottage is transformed into a comfortable and modern farmhouse-style home.

Aug 31
1pm | 12c