1920s Bungalow Restoration on Rehab Addict

Rehab Addict host Nicole Curtis is giving a crumbling turn-of-the-century bungalow a second chance to be the cute and cozy home it once was before the city has it torn down. See the surprising before-and-afters here.
By: Jennifer Brake

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Beat-Up Bungalow

EXTERIOR, BEFORE: This 1923 bungalow was abandoned and neglected, but it had potential to be restored with a few repairs. For starters, the front stairs had sunk and were pulling away from the house and a huge whole in the roof flooded the kitchen every time it rained.

Brick Beauty

EXTERIOR, AFTER: The facade is brighter and more defined with tan fascia boards that are dark brown underneath and white trim around the windows. Along with some general landscaping, the stairs were torn out and replaced to complete this home's front yard.

Crumbling Mess

PLANTER BOX, BEFORE: There wasn't much left of the old brick planter as water damage had caused it to start collapsing away from the house.

Fit For Flowers

PLANTER BOX, AFTER: Even though it made the job a little more difficult, textured bricks were used to rebuild the planter so it would match the original look of the bungalow. Additionally, the bottom of the planter was left open to keep from trapping dirt that will expand in the winter and break down the brick.

Drab Dining Room

DINING ROOM, BEFORE: The built-in wood pieces in this home were in great shape, but the blue walls detracted from their beauty and made them look dull.

Wonderful Woodwork

DINING ROOM, AFTER: A new neutral wall color allows the emphasis to fall on the aged quarter-sawn oak, and the hardwoods floors only needed to be sanded and refinished to look new again.

Buffed Out

The built-in buffet has the added feature of being unusually tall. After being cleaned and shined, it's the perfect backdrop for the dining room.

Rehab In Action

LIVING ROOM, BEFORE: Opposite the dining room, the living room lets in plenty of natural sunlight but served as a dumping ground during the renovation since it needed almost no repairs.

Inviting Space

LIVING ROOM, AFTER: Once cleaned up and staged, the natural light sparkles against refinished wood floors and built-in wood features to make this living room feel spacious and warm.

Antique Accessories

Rehab Addict host Nicole Curtis designs and stages all the rooms in the homes she renovates using mostly salvaged items from the general time period of the house mixed with modern accents.

Extra Seating

The old radiator system was removed in exchange for a modern heating and cooling system, but the radiator covers were upcycled to create unqiue old-school window seats in the living and dining rooms.

Attention to Detail

These decorative details were plastered in each corner of the ceiling in the living room. They were left untouched and intact throughout the renovation.

Unfinished Business

MASTER SUITE, BEFORE: The previous owner started converting the attic into a bedroom but never finished the job. The room had plenty of space for a master suite and the ceiling had a ton of cool angles that would look great once some drywall went up.

Selling Point

MASTER SUITE, AFTER: The walls were insulated with spray foam and covered with sheetrock to create an open-air master suite complete with a bed, bathroom and sitting area.

Mixing Elements

Nicole knows it's possible to add modern items to a home without taking away from its character. White and coral bedding looks fresh and clean paired with an antique cedar chest.

Down to the Studs

STAIRWELL, BEFORE: The entryway to the second floor was bare like the rest of the attic, but the windows hadn't been broken and the floors were old pine wood.

Charming Restoration

STAIRWELL, AFTER: The pine floorboards were sanded and heavily coated with three layers of polyurethane. New casings were built around the windows but their style looks old and fits the house's charm.

Repurposed Radiator

Since the old heating system was ripped out, this cast iron radiator was converted into a shelf to commemorate the original structure.

Prospective Bathroom

MASTER BATH, BEFORE: This space would become an open-concept bathroom, but plumbing needed to be installed first. The job was made a little easier since the downstairs bathroom was directly underneath this space.

Stylish Sauna

MASTER BATH, AFTER: Each floorboard that was removed to install the plumbing was hand-nailed back into place to keep the authenticity of the home. With the space not enclosed, a privacy wall hides the toilet and a restored antique clawfoot tub is the focal point of the room. Go behind the scenes with Nicole Curtis on the shoot for Rehab Addict

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