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HGTV Celebrates Holiday-Decorating Obsession in 'Outrageous Holiday Houses'

Lance Bass takes viewers on a grand tour of over-the-top holiday decorations of some of the most obsessive of Christmas enthusiasts -- starting with the home HGTV's own Property Brother Drew Scott and his wife Linda, and featuring a tour of Lance's own festive home.

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Photo: Gilles Mingasson/Getty Images

Your Esteemed Host

Lance Bass and friend welcome you to HGTV's Outrageous Holiday Homes which offers a guided tour of the homes of some of the most dedicated and holiday-obsessed Christmas fans from across the country. Lance is pictured here at the entrance of his own home, decorated to the nines for the holidays. A full photo tour of Lance's home follows later.

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Drew and Linda Go Festive

Drew and Linda got a little carried away with the Christmas giftwrap paper. A tour of Drew and Linda's over-the-top holiday decor follows as well.

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Photo: Matt Blair

Holiday Devotee Extraordinaire

Homeowner David Brown poses in front of his home in Louisville, Kentucky. Each year David’s three-story historic home becomes one of the city’s most spectacular holiday displays.

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Photo: Matt Blair

Blue Christmas

Lavish ornamentation and a blue color motif complement the traditional Victorian architecture and in the master bedroom of David Brown's Louisville home.

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