A Family Castle and Fantasy Indoor Pool

Got luxury? This palatial 50,000-square-foot home featured on HGTV's Million Dollar Rooms includes an in-home diner, a cinema, a Mayan-themed indoor swimming pool and an expansive garage filled with vintage Ferraris.

Grand Entrance

Brian and Kim Ross built their lavish home in Cortland, Ohio. The home's interior totals 50,000 square feet, including the two garages. Even the garages are far from ordinary.

First Impressions

This sweeping custom-designed dual staircase at the home's entryway greets all visitors. Despite the stately elegance of the home's foyer, further inside are spectacular rooms custom created with pure fun and entertaining in mind.

Indoor Exotic

One of the home's most distinctive spaces is this indoor swimming pool — complete with waterfalls. This spectacular indoor oasis incorporates Mayan-ruin replicas and is illuminated by natural daylight from a glass ceiling supported by massive wood beams.

Reading Nook

An inviting loft space bordered by a curved wood banister overlooks the home's opulent library. This room's wood paneling makes use of cherry and walnut stock harvested from the forest on the property.

Bibliophile's Refuge

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library." — Jorge Luis Borges

A Chamber for Music

The music and performance room, adjacent to the library, is an airy and open space decorated in a classical manner that evokes a French baroque style.

Private Lagoon

The Mayan-themed indoor pool, built inside a glass-ceilinged atrium, is the most expensive room in the house. The space was inspired by a trip the homeowners took to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

Facsimile Artifacts

The pool's backdrop and surroundings were designed to emulate the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple, including carved stone idols.

A Touch of Tiki

The pool area, with its indoor palm trees, water slide, rope swings and hot tub, provides a tropical vacation experience even in the dead of Ohio winters. The indoor waterfall flows at a rate of 800 gallons per minute. The water slide was designed on computers and specially constructed to provide fast and thrilling slides.

Ancient Designs

A professor with a degree in Mayan and Aztec history was hired as a consultant to help ensure historical accuracy in the carvings and features of the faux temple.

Film Enthusiast's Dream

There are home theaters, and then there are home theaters. This one goes the extra mile by incorporating the architectural features of an actual movie theater: a ticket kiosk, theater doors and lobby display posters, including iconic vintage theater one-sheets for Jaws and the original Star Wars.

Experience It in Widescreen

The full cinema experience continues inside with plush theater seats, gilded Corinthian columns and wall sconces. The home theater's design and decor is intended to re-create the feel of the classic film palaces of the early- and mid-20th century.

Diner Classic

After taking in a movie in the home theater, Brian, Kim and their guests can step across the hall into the '50s-era diner. Glass tile, neon and art deco styling help bring period authenticity to this diner built into the home's downstairs.

Burger, Fries and a Malt, Please

Formica tables, lots of shiny surfaces, and actual booths and a serving counter flesh out the classic diner motif. The diner is a favorite room of the Ross kids and their friends.

Driven Perfection

Of the home's two climate-controlled garages, one is dedicated to a collection of late-model and vintage Ferraris, some more than 60 years old. But this is not simply a car museum. These cars do get driven. This rare model — the Enzo — was manufactured in a strictly limited run, is reputed to be one of the world's most technologically advanced cars, and each one is now valued at more than $1,000,000.

Decisions, Decisions

When it's time for an afternoon drive in the country, there are few things as satisfying as selecting from a dozen or so exotic supercars. The owners of this stable of Ferraris have a healthy set of options. Some individual cars in the collection are valued at more than $10 million.

Stone Marquetry

Marble columns and floors with an inlaid tile medallion are among the more striking features in the home's formal entry space.

A Higher Perspective

A vantage point from the head of the dual stair provides a spectacular view of the foyer's chandelier and arched windows.

Beauty in the Details

Ornate and intricate tilework in the inlaid floor design reveals the level of craftsmanship that went into the creation of the rooms in this home.

The Homeowners

Kim and Brian are seen in what is understandably Brian's favorite room — the garage that would be the dream of any performance car enthusiast. When Brian saw his first Ferrari in his mid-twenties, he vowed he would one day own one. He is now the owner of a Ferrari dealership. One of the cars in this personal collection is the 1955 Ferrari 410 sport, of which there are only two in the world.

Welcoming Exterior

The Ross home was designed with grace and elegance in mind, but with touches of whimsy inside custom created to delight friends and visitors of all ages.

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