About The Show

HGTV's Live Here, Buy This is a fantasy lifestyle property program. The concept is simple: We ask North American homeowners where they fantasize about living. They pick three places around the world that they've always wondered about. We then show them what their life could look like if they moved there. Based on the current market value of their North American home, we tour two spectacular homes for sale in each country, each equivalent in price to that of their current home. Our globetrotting guides sell them on the fabulous local lifestyles and why each country is a great place to call home. The homeowners weigh in on their favourites in each location. It's eye candy for the soul, a half hour of escapism, a game of "what if." Our homeowners may have found their paradise, but what about you? If you could sell your home and move to paradise, would you be tempted to Live Here, Buy This?