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15 Types of People You Meet on House Hunters

You love them, you love to hate them, you want to lend them your eyeglasses (or your glass of wine): Meet the real estate world’s cast of recurring characters.

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Photo: monkeybusinessimages

1: The Dancing Queen

Never mind that she’ll be spending the afternoon exploring unfinished basements and muddy yards; the Dancing Queen is never without her dress and heels, just in case a house tour turns out to be semi-formal.

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2: The Geologist

He has two words for you, and they are the only two words that matter to him: GRANITE COUNTERTOPS.

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Photo: Catherine Yeulet

3: The Not-So-Silent Partner

Technically this person isn’t one of the purchasers—they’re an in-law, or a parent who’s helping with a loan—but everyone knows they get a vote (and first dibs on the fancy guest bedroom).

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Photo: 4x6

4: The Urban Farmer

After years in a teeny condo without so much as an air plant, this homeowner-to-be is ready for chickens.

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