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18 Upcycling Projects We Love From 'Home Town'

March 24, 2020

Ben and Erin Napier know how to stretch a budget — and our imaginations with their seriously inspiring repurposed renovations.

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Southern Sensibility

Ben and Erin Napier never throw away something that they can repurpose. Instead, they are able to stretch families' budgets by upcycling materials from their homes and from vintage finds. We've rounded up some of the couple's coolest repurposed pieces.

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Photo: Laura Good

"P" for Pryor

Erin created the custom textile wall-hanging featured in the new Pryor house den out of driftwood and aged rope from an old boat. The ocean theme is carried throughout the house, including this piece which is based on the nautical alphabet symbol for P.

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Photo: Laura Good

From Useless to Unique

Ben built this low-profile console shelf using reclaimed pine lumber from a set of stairs in the kitchen of the Pryor house that literally led to nowhere.

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One-of-a-Kind Craftsmanship

The lamp was once a support column, but Ben repurposed the hand-turned wood into a stand-out piece for the office of the Berry home.

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