18 Upcycling Projects We Love From 'Home Town'

Ben and Erin Napier know how to stretch a budget — and our imaginations with their seriously inspiring repurposed renovations.

March 24, 2020

Photo By: Laura Good

Photo By: Laura Good

Photo By: Laura Good

Photo By: Laura Good

Photo By: Laura Good

Photo By: Laura Good

Photo By: Laura Good

Photo By: Laura Good

Photo By: Laura Good

Photo By: Laura Good

Photo By: Laura Good

Photo By: Laura Good

Photo By: Laura Good

Photo By: Laura Good

Photo By: Todd Douglas/ Getty Images

Photo By: Todd Douglas/ Getty Images

Photo By: Todd Douglas/ Getty Images

Photo By: Todd Douglas/ Getty Images

Southern Sensibility

Ben and Erin Napier never throw away something that they can repurpose. Instead, they are able to stretch families' budgets by upcycling materials from their homes and from vintage finds. We've rounded up some of the couple's coolest repurposed pieces.

"P" for Pryor

Erin created the custom textile wall-hanging featured in the new Pryor house den out of driftwood and aged rope from an old boat. The ocean theme is carried throughout the house, including this piece which is based on the nautical alphabet symbol for P.

From Useless to Unique

Ben built this low-profile console shelf using reclaimed pine lumber from a set of stairs in the kitchen of the Pryor house that literally led to nowhere.

One-of-a-Kind Craftsmanship

The lamp was once a support column, but Ben repurposed the hand-turned wood into a stand-out piece for the office of the Berry home.

Is Anything Worth Saving?

Although the untrained eye may not see anything in this dated kitchen that is worth keeping, the rounded stair railing feature will get a new life in the Combe house thanks to Ben's ingenuity.

Rack 'Em Up

Ben turned the rounded feature of the stair railing into a pool cue holder, the perfect handmade accent for an entertainment space.

Wood Paneling = Perfect Raw Material

In the Yeager home, Ben and Erin are able to salvage the orginal mahogany paneling for some of the projects they have in mind.

A Musician's Ideal

Jena Yeager specifically mentioned that this space would make a great record room. Ben turned the salvaged mahogany into both a record shelf and console table with custom caned accents.

From Outdated to Outstanding

The custom mahogany French doors are also made from the reclaimed wood that was original to the home. Now, instead of outdated wood paneling, Jena Yeagar has a stunning statement piece in her master bedroom.

The Perfect Workstation

This custom desk was made for Charlie Church using an old pew from one of the Sunday-school rooms in his church.

Authentically Vintage

Although the kitchen in the Register house needs serious work, the authentic farm sink and old refrigerator have massive potential.

Keep Things Original

Instead of opting for an all-new sink basin, the original sink for the home was installed into upgraded cabinetry and countertops.

Can You Grab Me a Lemonade?

Although the vintage fridge is too small for daily use, it was fully functional. Erin painted it a charming mint green and installed it on the porch for easy access to chilled drinks outside.

A Doggone Good Idea

The other sink in the Register home was used to create this custom dog bath. What pooch wouldn't want a bath in this?

Always Check the Shed

For the Jones home, Ben was able to find the original front door in a storage shed. After a new coat of paint and upgrades, it was reinstalled. It's always ideal when Ben and Erin can preserve as many original features as possible.

Beadboard Turned Porch Swing

Ben built this fabulous custom porch swing at the Jones house using reclaimed beadboard that was found in the garage of the home.

An Island Unlike Any Other

Ben built the custom island for the Jones' kitchen using reclaimed wood from the home.

Laurel History Made Modern

The floor of the bathroom in the Jones house is actually a combination of wood salvaged from other homes in Laurel.

New Perspective

While these cabinets in the Luker home aren't too pretty to look at now, they can certainly be repurposed with a little imagination.

Practical and Pretty

The sunroom was converted into an art studio for Amy Luker. The cabinets were reclaimed from the original kitchen cabinetry and the sink was repurposed from an old building in downtown Laurel.

Use What You Have

One of the simplest ways to save money in a home renovation is by using family heirlooms, like this antique iron bed in the Keller home.


Ben turned a solid wood door into this screen door with a custom chippendale pattern that matches the rest of the railing on the front porch of the Keller home.

Reclaimed + Custom

The dining room table in the Hogue house is another custom piece from Ben and his brother Jesse using reclaimed pine wood.

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