8 Things You Didn't Know About Joe Mazza of HGTV's 'Home Inspector Joe'

Get to know Joe Mazza, home inspector and host of HGTV's Home Inspector Joe.

February 24, 2022

For Joe Mazza, being a home inspector is all about helping people. He started out on HGTV's Home Inspector Joe and now stars in What's Wrong With That House? Joe leverages his 20 years of experience in construction and expert safety knowledge to help people find their perfect home. Safety comes first, and he won’t let homeowners move into their new homes until every detail is up to his standards.

“I've always loved to help people, whether it was helping someone walk up the stairs, helping someone with construction or making sure people are safe,” Joe says. We’ve seen Joe in his element digging through crawl spaces and climbing across roofs, but beyond his show, who is Joe Mazza? We sat down with him to learn more.

Portrait shots of Home Inspector Joe Mazza as seen on HGTV's Home Inspector Joe.

Portrait shots of Home Inspector Joe Mazza as seen on HGTV's Home Inspector Joe.

Photo by: Justin Ott

Justin Ott

He Has a Super Sense of Smell

Joe lost his eyesight in his early-to-mid 20s due to a condition called keratoconus — an eye disease that affects the structure of the cornea. He had two cornea transplants, but in the midst of losing his vision, he developed a strong sense of smell, which he still has. He uses it to his benefit, especially when it comes to home inspection. Thanks to his super sense, he can immediatly pick up if a home is musty, if its humidity levels are too high or even if there’s a hidden gas leak. “It’s got a lot of pros with the job,” he says, adding that there are some cons. “Sometimes you don’t want to smell certain things like dirty houses.”

He’s a New York Native

Joe was born and raised in Westchester County, New York, and currently resides in White Plains with his wife and daughter. He also spent about 20 years commuting in and out of New York City for big construction projects before pivoting careers and becoming a home inspector.

His Hobbies Include Motorcycles and Cars

Besides spending time with his family, Joe loves to ride his motorcycle and attend car shows with friends. He's the proud owner of a 2021 Indian Scout Bobber motorcycle, which he customized himself. He also owned a Harley-Davidson for years. When he goes for rides to enjoy the scenery, “I just get to relax,” he says.

You may have noticed Joe's Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck from early episodes of Home Inspector Joe. He's since replaced it with his new favorite hobby: a Jeep. Joe and his family have fun driving in the Jeep with the top off and windows down.

He Has a Cavapoo Puppy

About a year ago, the Mazzas adopted a Cavapoo, Rosie, who's quickly become part of the family. “She is the funnest, happiest pup in the world. And she just makes us laugh,” says Joe, adding that Rosie is the perfect companion for his daughter.

He Loves Tattoos

This one's obvious at first glance. Joe's collection of tattoos spans from arm to arm (chest included!), and while he doesn't want his entire body covered in tattoos, he definitely plans on getting more in the future. Fun fact: Joe didn't get his first tattoo until after he was married, which, he shares, is ironic because his wife made clear she was not a fan of tattoos or motorcycles. “And here I am, tons of tattoos and motorcycles,” he jokes.

Beard Brushes are Part of His Personal Brand

It all began when Joe's wife gifted him a beard brush for Christmas a few years ago. His Instagram followers loved it when he'd absentmindedly comb his beard while chatting on video, so he started showing off his brushes all the time. “Now I have a ton of beard brushes and definitely would like to come out with my own line of beard brushes very soon,” Joe says.

He Found Thousands of Teeth in a Crawl Space

Forget the insects and animals. Out of all the weird things he’s run into on the job, Joe says the thousands of false human teeth embedded in the floor of a crawl space has to be the strangest. It turns out the previous homeowner made fake teeth, but in the moment Joe — and the real estate agent — were completely shocked.

The Show Is Authentic Joe

From day one of filming the series, Joe didn’t want a script. “Let Joe be Joe, and everything will be fine,” he told his team. Luckily, it all came naturally to him. Despite having zero TV experience, he was able to truly be himself. “I'm so grateful for this opportunity," says Joe, adding that when he and his family watch the show air each week,"we just smile the whole time.”

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