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Noel is an interior designer who's passionate about affordably elevating any space. She co-stars in HGTV's What's Wrong With That House? and previously Home Inspector Joe alongside home inspector Joe Mazza. She's also a mom, partner and friend. Noel graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Musical Theatre. Noel and her parter began their post-college, New York City adventure as touring singers and actors, but once their third child came along, they purchased a 1941 colonial "fixer upper" in the suburbs and settled down in Essex County, New Jersey. And so, Noel's design journey began. In 2017 Noel launched her boutique studio, beam&bloom, and established a client network. By luck and recommendation, she landed her first television gig on HGTV. Her 'character driven' approach to design continues to bring harmony to growing community of clients.

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