First-Time Flip: An Atlanta Cottage, Before and After

Virgin home flippers Ehimen and Kemi put their life savings on the line to jump-start a career renovating houses full time. See how Flipping Virgins host Egypt Sherrod helped them transform this crumbling cottage.

Photo By: Bob Mahoney

Photo By: Bob Mahoney

Photo By: Bob Mahoney

Photo By: Bob Mahoney

Photo By: Bob Mahoney

Photo By: Bob Mahoney

Photo By: Bob Mahoney

Photo By: Bob Mahoney

Photo By: Bob Mahoney

Photo By: Bob Mahoney

Flipping Success

Flipping Virgins host Egpyt Sherrod poses with first-time investors Ehimen and Kemi in their newly-flipped investment property. Flip through the before-and-after photos to see the amazing transformation.

Exterior, Before

A petal pink brick exterior drove potential buyers away — good news for investors Ehimen and Kemi, who scored this house for $31,000 at auction. The catch? Their first step inside was after the purchase, making this a true gamble.

Exterior, After

Trendy gray paint adds a fresh look to this home's brick exterior. White trim and a candy apple red door add brightness to this renovated home.

Front Porch, After

New porch furniture and accessories add style and seating on the front porch.

Living Room, Before

The previous owners began a renovation but stopped suddenly, leaving building materials and unfinished work behind.

Living Room, After

Painting the brick fireplace warm gray and adding cream-colored paint on the walls creates style while remaining neutral enough to appeal to a wide swath of buyers.

Living Room, Before

Before the renovation, the flooring had been stripped down to the subfloor.

Living Room, After

Hardwood floors add warmth and value to this home's open living room.

Kitchen, Before

Before the renovation, a partial wall divided the kitchen from the dining room.

Kitchen, After

Removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room creates an open-concept cooking, eating and dining space — a must for many would-be homebuyers.

Bathroom, Before

With plumbing partially completed, the bathroom before was a work in progress.

Bathroom, After

Bright accents and a double sink add style to this renovated bathroom.

Upstairs Bathroom, Before

The partially-finished bathroom in this home's attic space needed some minor TLC.

Upstairs Bathroom, After

Updated white subway tile and neutral paint add clean, neutral style to this functional space.

Attic, Before

The previous owners partially-finished this attic space for use as an additional bedroom.

Attic, After

After the renovation, this space is a bedroom and play space perfect for children.

Their First Flip, SOLD!

Egypt listed the finished property for $115,000. After two days on the market, the couple sold their property for full price. After renovations, they walked away with a $43,249 profit. Not bad for a first flip!

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