Flea Market Flip: Amazing Transformations

True flippers see potential in flea market purchases where many of us see none. These finished pieces sometimes barely resemble the completely repurposed originals. Could you have imagined the transformations?

Before: Rustic Chicken Coop

It's not much to start with, but this rustic chicken coop has a bright future. How was it reimagined? Hint: A landing pad for your TV remote control.

After: Unique Coffee Table

The chicken coop makes a very unique coffee table with a succulent planter in the center.

Before: Lackluster Chairs

Though these dining chairs were in good condition and had interesting details, most people don't have much use for only two dining chairs. So, what's a flipper to do?

After: One-of-a-Kind Bench

Partners Rose and Sophie decided to make the chairs more useful by combining them into a bench that would look great in an entryway or living room.

Before: Vintage Buggy Wheel and Die-Cut Numbers

What can you make out of a rusty wheel and die-cut numbers? You might be surprised. Hint: It has "hands."

After: Time Well Spent

The buggy wheel was reimagined as a large-scale wall clock, a useful and interesting piece of art.

Before: Vintage Canning Jars and Rack

Who doesn't love a good Mason jar? And a whole set is pretty hard to come by. Is there actually a way to make this primo find even more fantastic? Hint: You could hang this above a rustic outdoor dining table.

After: Charming Chandelier

Flip the jars and their rack upside down and add lights for a chandelier that will have all other upcyclers bowing at your feet.

Before: Nothing-Special Lockers

A set of lockers is great for storage. But, how can it be made even more useful? Hint: Add some padding.

After: Storage and Seating in One

An ingenious transformation: A seat with great storage space.

Before: Motorcycle Fenders

These relics from the 1980s are ready for a new life. How were they used?

After: Unique Table

The motorcycle fenders are the feature pieces on this functional side table.

Before: Pair of Roofing Hooks

It's hard to imagine how a couple of roofing hooks could be transformed into anything someone might be interested in buying.

After: Creative Lighting

Wow! Add a few lights, and these roofing hooks are transformed into a beautiful, industrial-style chandelier.

Before: Out-of-Date Tool Box

This old wooden tool chest certainly has seen better days, but some imagination and elbow grease give it a brand new purpose.

After: Industrial Bar Cart

From worn out to wine rack: The antique tool chest has been reimagined into a rolling bar cart.

Before: A Mysterious Combination

What do you get when you combine airplane wheel covers and a beveled glass table top?

After: Industrial Table

You get a very cool, industrial coffee table that celebrates history and looks stylish at the same time.

Before: Plain Kitchen Cabinet

This plain kitchen cabinet has potential, but for what exactly? Hint: The cabinet will lose its top but keep the sides.

After: Charming Storage Bench

With some creativity, a fresh coat of Napoleon blue paint, and a completely restructured top, the kitchen cabinet was transformed into a charming storage bench.

Before: Steel Drum

This 1936 marine-grade steel water drum is simple, to say the least. What will the flippers make from it?

After: Sturdy Bar Table

The old steel drum was transformed into a high, bar table with built-in storage.

Before: Foundry Mold

This large round foundry mold is a pretty unusual find. What vision do the flippers have for it?

After: Sturdy Coffee Table

The look of this coffee table is even more impressive considering its first life as a foundry mold.

Before: Wooden Chinaware Shipping Crates

What could you make with a pair of Chinaware shipping crates?

After: Curio Coffee Table

With imagination and some teal paint, the shipping crates take on a new life as a curio coffee table.

Before: Storage Cabinet

This wooden storage cabinet goes from ordinary-looking ...

After: Stylish Bar

... to a stylish bar. One of the doors was turned into a collapsible table.

Before: Beautiful Details

What will become of this traditional bed frame with an ornate headboard and footboard?

After: Beautiful Bench

The flippers reimagined the headboard into a stunning bench with gorgeous lines and a comfy seat.

Before: Carpenter Trunk

This cool carpenter trunk has tons of character and loads of potential. But, potential for what?

After: Crafty Bench Seating

The trunk became even cooler with modern legs and a beautiful fabric-covered seat.

Before: Dingy Cart Frame

This industrial cart frame is such a cool find, but it's hard to imagine what it could become.

After: On-Trend Coffee Table

Who could have seen this coming? The rusty cart frame was transformed into an industrial-style coffee table that is sure to turn some heads.

Before: Set of Windows

What could be done with three old windows?

After: Stylish Separator

With a bit of creativity and a lot of TLC, the old windows were transformed into a beautiful room divider, complete with gorgeous fabric.

Before: Ornate Frames

These large, ornate frames are keepers. How will the flippers make the most of these large frames with style?

After: Stylish Side Tables

After the makeover, the two frames are now two elegant side tables with a story.

Before: Odd Combination

A garden fence and a corbel from the 1800s don't seem like the ideal candidates for an upcycling project.

After: Beautiful Bench

Now completed, this handsome bench proves that thinking outside the box really pays off.

Before: Unrelated Parts

Is it hard to imaging how a rusty outdoor trellis and clock could become something valuable together.

After: Style Meets Function

Three shelves add utility to this innovative project that resembles a modern grandfather clock.

Before: Mystery Makeover

For a "Dine In" project, the flippers bought a yellow painted door and two wooden stools.

After: Table for Two

It really took some imagination to transform a plain door into a charming café table.

Before: Typical Ladder

Can you picture how to use a ladder to add style to your home?

After: Personal Touch

With a simple switch, this ladder went from a basic tool to a rustic picture display.

Before: A Simple Farm Trough

This simple Hungarian metal farm trough has potential. But, what could it become?

After: Creative Coffee Table

The addition of legs and a glass top transforms this farm trough into a rustic coffee table.

Before: Steamer Trunk

With all of the storage available, this old steamer trunk has plenty of upcycling potential.

After: Well-Traveled Bar Cart

After a little spruce, a new color and a bit of rearranging, this already cool steamer trunk looks even better as a bar cart.

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