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Build an elegant, custom headboard featuring glazed, textured wallpaper.
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Casey Noble

An HGTV Design Star finalist and interior designer, Casey is an expert at creating high style on a modest budget.
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Design on a Dime takes creative, accessible and affordable design to the next level by dispelling the notion that a beautiful room has to be expensive. By combining cost-saving ideas, clever design solutions and amazing transformations that will appeal to the viewer with a sophisticated sensibility, designer Casey Noble shares her secrets for making any space look like you spent a fortune.
Season 30, Episode 13

Southeast Asian Master Bedroom

Gerald and Jasmine moved into their new home a year ago. Since then, they have made little progress in creating a master bedroom that captures their love of Southeast Asian design. They want a serene bedroom retreat to spend time in - a room that mimics the upscale hotel rooms they've enjoyed on their trips to Thailand. Casey and Joel will help them create a space that is both tranquil as well as visually stunning. A carved wood lattice accent wall, a round headboard reminiscent of a gong, and a new grass cloth dresser are just a few of the projects that make this Asian-inspired bedroom truly inspirational.

Feb 27
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 31, Episode 2

Nautical Family Room

Will and Lisa moved into their cottage style fixer upper and have lovingly redone every room in the house except for the living room. The living room is a gloomy, drab disaster that needed a pick-me up. The wood paneling, dark furniture and dark curtains give the room a cave-like feel. Both Lisa and Will love the size of the room and the vaulted ceilings, but they are deeply dissatisfied with the room's current decor. They want to bring the bright and cheerful look of their kitchen into the living room and make it a welcoming space where they can relax and play with their three energetic boys. Although Will and Lisa live in the San Fernando Valley, their hearts still belonged to the beach. They love classic design and have spent numerous weekends acquiring the vintage furniture scattered throughout the house. They want a room that is light, airy and elegant -a beach house / summer cottage look that will meld with their French country kitchen.

Feb 27
7am | 6c
Season 30, Episode 1

Modern Mashup

Hannah and Kurt love living in Los Angeles, especially since buying a 1920's Spanish style home in a neighborhood they adore. Their living room gets round-the-clock use, as a place to relax, watch TV and entertain, but sadly, the white walls and drab brown furniture don't really reflect this couple's vibrant lifestyle. Enter designer Casey Noble and contractor Joel West who will use a little cash and a lot of ingenuity to bring color and personality to the space to reflect not only the homeowners' current interests but also their rural backgrounds. On a budget of just $2500, Casey and Joel will completely transform the space using a bold color palette of orange, blue and apple green.

Aug 4
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 30, Episode 2

From Bland to Brilliant Backyard

Thomas and Shernice love to entertain and relax in their backyard. They are a fun young family, but right now their backyard is the opposite of fun. They want a backyard that reflects their outgoing personalities and a place where their daughter Ella can grow beautiful outdoor memories. On a budget of just $2000, Casey and Joel will turn this blank slate into a fun place for entertaining adults and kids alike. They will give the homeowners some much needed structure and shade with the addition of a pergola, more funiture will be added to create a better space for entertaining, and Ella's garden area will go from frumpy to fun city.

Aug 11
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 31, Episode 6

Modern Moroccan Master Bedroom

Tamer has always dreamed of owning a house with a view of the Hollywood sign and he finally got it. Now he wants the interior of his house to be as inspiring as the view, starting with his master bedroom. Tamer would love to have a bedroom that he's excited to go to, a place where he can both recharge and feel inspired. He wants a masculine Moroccan style without losing the feel of a modern streamlined look. Casey and Joel will give him just that by creating a new stylish niche, a designer dresser with nail head detail, and a new upholstered bed base.

Aug 18
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 30, Episode 5

Modern Eclectic Living Room

Newlyweds Chris and Kathryn Smith are lost in translation. Kathryn moved into Chris's house, and now they're at a loss when it comes to meshing their styles into a living room fit for entertaining. Chris' style is more Modern while Kathryn has more of an eclectic taste. They would like to incorporate both styles into the space that is now "their" room. But, neither really knows how to move forward.

Aug 25
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 31, Episode 12

Heirloom Glam Kitchen

Min and her roommate Brigitte have been brainstorming ways to liven up the deco in their expansive kitchen. These two love to entertain: Brigitte is the cook and Min is the consummate host, but the space isn't functional for cooking and it's not warm or welcoming for guests. While staying true to the home's classic design, Casey and Joel will bring the youthful feminine style of girls into their kitchen. Much needed color will be added to the cabinets, a new seating area will be built, new tile and bead board will be added to the walls, and some new shelving will make the space both fun and functional.

Sep 1
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 31, Episode 13

Hip Craftsman Den

Medgar bought his historic style home sixteen years ago and has been upgrading and decorating different rooms in the house ever since. Not exactly the domestic type, this confirmed bachelor decided to transform the formal dining room into a "chill" space for entertaining and watching TV with friends. Unfortunately, the den has turned into a dumping ground for old furniture and knick-knacks, and the result comes across as immature and unfinished. Casey and Joel will transform this room into an elegant space that is more lounge and less man-cave. By taking their cues from the historic craftsman style of the house, they will create a room that is clean, hip, and sophisticated. They will build new furniture pieces, create fun photography artwork, and revamp the existing built-ins to give the room the style and substance it needs.

Sep 8
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 31, Episode 3

Spanish Vintage Master Bedroom

The minute Dana and Damien walked through the door of their 1929 Spanish style house, they instantly fell in love. For the past year, they have been painting and decorating their dream home one room at a time. Unfortunately, when it came to their master bedroom, they both admit they were completely lost. As much as they love the views and the spacious layout, their bedroom is currently their least favorite room in the house. Basically, it is where they sleep and not much else. They would love to utilize the open space the room has and create a romantic master suite where they can relax and enjoy each others company after a long day. Casey and Joel are going to work their magic once again and transform Dana and Damien's room into the room they have both dreamed of. To start, the walls are going to be painted a creamy orange to give the room that cozy, warm feeling it previously lacked. Hollowed out faux beams will be installed and they will span across the ceiling. They will be stained a dark, rich brown to give the room the old world Spanish feel the homeowners wanted. A vanity station will be installed to give Dana her own vanity that she has been dreaming of since she was a little girl. A red canopy will drape over the bed and a chandelier will be hung in the center of the room. The Spencer's old, boring master bedroom will be turned into an inviting space both Damien and Dana will enjoy.

Sep 15
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 31, Episode 11

Modern Luxury Living Room

Sandra and Cham want their home to become the main hub for family dinners and holiday parties. Unfortunately their living room, which is the center of the house, needs a lot of work before it's ready for entertaining. They are stuck and need help making their house a real home where they can make memories for years to come. Enter Casey and Joel who will help them create a space that is modern, cozy, and comfortable but will also reflect the essence of glamour. By transforming the fireplace, creating new light fixtures, and building an area to display wall art and photos they will make Sandra and Cham's living room really feel like a home.

Sep 22
6:30am | 5:30c

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