Poolside Paradises Seen on Desert Flippers

Desert Flippers hosts Lindsey and Eric Bennett are well known for their ability to take a dilapidated desert home and transform it into something spectacular. While they can take on any room in a house, they're also experts at giving Palm Springs backyards a dramatic face lift. Here are some of our favorite poolside makeovers from Desert Flippers.

Photo By: ©Zoë Michelle

Poolside Paradise

If there's one thing Eric and Lindsey are masters of, it's transforming a lackluckster house into a gorgeous desert diamond. This backyard makeover was certainly no easy overhaul, but after bringing the Tuscan charm into this villa-inspired house, it became nothing short of lovely.

Tuscan Pool Deck, Before

This spacious pool deck had plenty of room to work with. But the pool was plagued with pests and totally unequipped for a pleasant summertime swim.

Tuscan Pool Deck, After

The pool is nearly unrecognizable after Eric and Lindsey worked their magic. By cleaning up the pool basin and adding an array of outdoor lounge furniture, the couple prepped the deck for anything; from entertaining to leisurely afternoons.

Pool Deck, Before

Before, this pool deck area was completely overgrown with a mess of weeds and poor landscaping.

Pool Deck, After

After gutting the overgrown plants, laying a fresh cement deck and repainting the exterior, this pool deck is ready for action. And to complement the pristine aqua pool, Eric and Lindsey opted for a bright orange outdoor table.

Modern Pool, Before

Yet another unsightly backyard mess, this pool and hot tub combo was ready for a major cleanup.

Modern Pool, After

After a deep clean, this once gross pool was transformed into a gorgeous oasis. The crystal blue pops against the classic desert-toned exterior.

Modern Pool, After

Eric and Lindsey didn't stop at a pool cleanup, they also added a pair of midcentury modern lounge chairs topped with bright blue throw pillows, so homeowners can relax in style.

Modern Pool Deck, After

To match the sleek lounge chairs, Eric and Lindsey added additional seating topped with blue pillows, along with a dining table, to the upper deck space.

Midcentury Modern Deck, Before

Before Eric and Lindsey stepped on the scene, this midcentury modern home had been abandoned mid-renovation.

Midcentury Modern Deck, After

Eric and Lindsey worked their magic, and transformed this dilapidated house into a luxurious and chic oasis.

Micentury Modern Pool, After

In the backyard, Eric and Lindsey gave the house's pool a major upgrade. Not only did they drastically clean up the pool itself, but they also added uniquely chic features like these lounge chairs that are half-submerged in the water.

Contemporary Yard, Before

This backyard was lacking charm, style or any hint of landscaping.

Contemporary Yard, After

Eric and Lindsey breathed new life into the space by rolling out some fresh sod and blanketing this backyard in green. They strategically laid out the grass to create two distinct seating areas, one for dining and one for lounging.

Pool & Hot Tub, Before

While this home came with a spacious pool and hot tub combo, it was rundown and not exactly visitor-friendly.

Pool & Hot Tub, After

After refinishing the cement on the deck and interior, this pool and hot tub looks like it was pulled straight out of a classy resort. Pretty details like candles give it an extra luxurious feel.

Ranch Home Deck, Before

This '90s ranch home featured a pool deck with an overhang, offering ample shade from the desert sun. But with the outdated deck and pool, this space wasn't serving much purpose.

Ranch Home Deck, After

Eric and Lindsey cleaned up the deck and revamped the overhang with fresh beams and a crisp white coat of paint. The pool is now clean and surrounded by a beautiful array of plants and trees. To make the backyard even more inviting, they created a vibrant outdoor seating area with modern furniture and a lively outdoor rug.

Backyard, Before

This bleak backyard was in desperate need of some landscaping love.

Backyard, After

After Eric and Lindsey made their changes, you'd never know the yard was once overgrown with weeds and scarce of charm. Thanks to a new cement deck, fresh grass, an array of outdoor seating options and some whimsical hanging canopies for shade, this backyard would now satisfy even the pickiest homeowner-to-be.

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